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  1. I present to you my tactical shot gun rig. It isn't much but i hope you like it Download:
  2. Hello there! It's been a long time since i've posted a public rig, so here is an Avali rig! So for those of you who don't know, the Avali's are a mod for a game called starbound. It is pretty cool and contains a lot of new content! (I like to call them fluffy space raptors) But enough about Starbound, here is the rig! How to Customize it: -First you open all the textures found in the folder in an editing program like Paint.NET. -Then change the colour. (Change all textures that are the same colour at the same time!) -It should turn out like this: (Modelled after Kaluko, my char) (Example of texture editing...) TO-DO LIST: -Add more functional mouth. -Add more customizability. FEATURES: Different feather textures. Kinda customizable. Poseable and good eyes...?? DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hnod2hz1n8ns11n/Customizable+Avali+Rig.rar
  3. Welcome Ladies and Gentle-Sheep. This is a rig of mine that I have been working hard on, and decided to release it. Hope you like it! Also, when you use this rig in an animation or picture, be sure to give credit! If you find any mistakes or bugs on the rig or topic, please tell me! Features To Do List Pictures (Big Images) Also, if you want a 0.7 version, click Want Fingers? Click below!
  4. As always, got bored, wanted to make a rig, got this idea, made it, done, GG. With over 25 separate particle "Spawners", I wouldn't even know why you would use this... Anyways... Eh, not much. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?07cw19d8d957yct Man I'm so un-professional these days... Well, that's all I got... Bye! also plz liek dis post
  5. Hello i made another rig this is the razer kraken pro rig and this is a actual headset but i made it in mine-imator! Click to download :D Tell me how i can improove in the comments and if you like it thats what the like button is for!
  6. This pack includes a variety of particles of minecraft for mine-imator and some particles made ​​by me. List: Rain particles Snow particles Tornado (Tornado Mod) - (produces too much lag) Leaves particles See FPS: Direct Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?hgy00vscc3ghaye ----------------------------------PUT THE CREDIT IF USED!!!--------------------------------------------------
  7. I need like a stuffed rabbit plush not five nights at freddies or anything like that like a teddie bear little kids have? That would be fantastic.
  8. I don't know if someone has done this before,I was searching for it but it felt like I would never find it,I am sorry. Anyway,the problem is that I can't open or make any project without being stuck on the open project screen,everytime I press the cancel and open button and it keeps telling me 'Save the changes in {Project} before creating a new project'? I was inspired by some animators and this keeps frustrating me. So please,help.
  9. Error that always i get when i opening mine imator error X3511: unable to unroll loop, loop does not appear to terminate in a timely manner (37 iterations), use the [unroll(n)] attribute to force an exact higher number I got directx but its still don't work. I on windows 7 And tried Run as administrator but it still don't work
  10. I just got mine imator for 1.0.0 and when i launch it, i get this: The file C:\Users\[]\Mine-imator\Other\execute.dll could not be found. Try re-installing the program in a location without special characters, like C:\Mine-imator Whenever i go to C:\Users\[]\Mine-imator\Other, the execute.dll is there, plain as day! I need SERIOUS help with this, because i cannot accesses Mine-imator! HELP
  11. This Isn't exactly a music video but the video has music in it. I made this in about an hour in the new Mine-imator program. Hope you enjoy! Also is there any way to make the upload a bigger quality..? In preview it's great quality or it's just youtube being slow.. EDIT: it was youtube being slow.
  12. All download here! https://www.dropbox.com/s/8fnduhpfgna177v/Vehicle.zip?dl=0 Photos
  13. I left this forum after a long time, and i'm back! I'm updating my rig for Mine-imator 1.0.0 and up. Go try it! Features : Screenshots : To-do list : Download : click me!
  14. New test animation, ah, it feels good to be back. Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone! https://youtu.be/cntnX2xNq8k BTW, how do I embed things on here now?
  15. today i bring you: sniper rig!! pictures: download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/klwqiijl2diss8n/sniper%20rig.rar?dl=0
  16. So i was looking through my pictures when i thought "Hey i really want a picture frame in mine-imator." So i made one. Download Here! This specific fame supports wide pictures only (i'll make a portrait one soon.) Let me know what you think!
  17. iZestyYT

    Steve Rig v1

    Hey guys/gals! Recently I have learn't how to ALPHA GLITCH So I have made a steve rig with this glitch and done this: v1 Features: Alpha Glitch Eyes Alpha Glitch Mouth Swegy Eyebrows Rigged... :3 Easy To Skin!!! Coming Soon: 3D hair and clothes {suggest some things plz} Pics: Basic Pose: Adjustable Mouth: Moveable Eyes: Sweggy Eyebrows: Easy Skinning: Download it!! Cya!!! For some reason spoilers ain't workin :/
  18. This Is My First Wallpaper At 1.0.0 So...Hope U Like It It So Hard To Be Used To It So I'm Going To Sleep On It [Maybe]
  19. Hello, The exported video(in .mpg) is in my cutting program(and more) buggy. Pls add a avi/mp4 exporting feature. Finn
  20. I will make changes to this rig eventually so if you have a suggestion for it, please make it clear and concise and I will look into it! Please don't leave hate messages concerning the rig. It's my very first rig I've made in a while, so it's not gonna be TOP-NOTCH work. DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.0.0 HERE. LINK! More Screenshots:
  21. I have no clue how to make time move and i wanna try it for one of my animations. any way on how to do this?
  22. Before Reporting a Bug: • Make sure you are updated to the latest Mine-Imator version (Currently 1.0.1). • Make sure you are using the latest version of DirectX, and your graphics card can handle it. • Make sure it has not already been reported by another member, and is not in this list. • Make sure Microsoft Visuals C++ (32bit - 64bit) has been installed. Quick Fixes for Common Bugs: • Some pop-up errors can be avoided by clicking 'Abort', though reporting errors like these would be wise. • If your animations appear odd in Windows Media Player, it is recommended you install VLC Media Player and/or convert your files to '.mp4' or '.mpeg'. Use Ctrl+F to find your error with keywords! Runtime Error! (Image) This error has a simple fix: Simply locate the "Mine_Imator" folder in %appdata% and delete it. Make sure you are not deleting anything you want to save before you delete it! 1.0.0 on Windows XP It is recommended that you update your drivers and check your graphics card (and make sure you have the latest DirectX version!), and download using the .zip version. ~PikaMasterzMC (Source) Runtime Error! This common error (and the first to be recorded in a topic) has a very easy fix - Simply uninstall Mine-Imator and reinstall the .zip version! ~SkeetokTheOtter (Source) If you continue to get this error after trying the first method, David has created a fix available for download here! The 'Spewing' Glitch (Image) Taqs: Graphics Since a few incidents of this bug have surfaced, David has created a fix which eliminates this error. It is now available for download here! 'Open Projects' Glitch (Source) Taqs: Pop-Up, Popup To correct this error, complete the following: Backup your old projects folder and delete Mine-Imator Demo 5. Install Mine-Imator 1.0.0 and restore the projects back into the Mine-Imator directory. ~GoldenBullet72 (Source) Persistent Pop-Up Glitch Taqs: Popup, Open Projects Make sure you have not installed Mine-Imator 1.0.0 on top of Mine-Imator Demo 5, as it can cause some mayhem. Try reinstalling it into a separate folder (or using the .zip) to avoid this issue! ~David (Source) Can't Find File.dll Fix this irritating error by upgrading to Mine-Imator 1.0.1 here! ~David (Source) Pop-Up Glitch Taqs: Popup Locate "settings.file" in the "Mine-Imator\Other" folder and delete it. This should eliminate the error! ~AcidGaming (Source) Can't Find MSVCP110.dll/MSVCR110.dll To fix this error, download and insert dll1 and dll2 into the same folder that contains Mine-Imator.exe! ~David (Source) "Shaders Didn't Load Properly" Bug Fixing this error requires that you update your DirectX (and uninstall your current version), and reinstall Mine-Imator! ~MCShortsYT (Source) "MSVCP110.dll Not Designed to Run on Windows" Bug If this error appears when trying to load Mine-Imator, delete the .dll(s). Reopen Mine-Imator, and if it doesn't work try reinstalling or using Mine-Imator 1.0.1! ~David (Source) An alternative method is to download and extract the .zip version! ~Mafa Animations (Source) Rotation Crash (Source) Although it has not been thoroughly tested, David released a fix available for download here. As this version does not work for many, David is working on another fix! If after following the instructions on this topic for your bug and it still does not work, see the source! If the source still doesn't help, either create a new topic (recommended) or post below! Please leave a like to the member in the source if he/she fixed your bug! If your issue was not covered here, feel free to post a bug report! But for the benefit of David and/or those who are trying to help you: • Make sure it is very descriptive (If English isn't your first language, make sure to include images!) • Include images! Even if it doesn't show much, a screenshot of a bug is better than nothing! • Paste everything - If Mine-Imator produces a bug report, paste it into your topic!
  23. My very first lip sync test in the full version of Mine-imator 1.0.0! Enjoy! Special Thanks to SKIBBZ, Mime360 Animations, GohanGamer, EpicJ, and MobKiller Animations for letting me use their rigs!
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