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  1. Please delete my account I no longer use this website and I would like my account deleted.
  2. Hey Puzzleduck Yes You can do both i have a nother porson doing song but they have not email me back so you can write the song srry i have not got back to you i am busy with school and stuff so yay
  3. Hello I need Help with my Minecraft Music Video What I need from people 1.a singer 2.if someone is good with rigs Yes rigs 3.person as a good movie editer 4.Help to get all of the things put togather 5.song righter maybe 6.do the anmantion thing this what i need form the people who whats to help if you what to to Help me please email me at danielh90@minecraftcreeper.hj.cx I will need help so Please let me now for the singer please email a song you mad or sing and i am not ask people to do the hole thing but help me on some parts becosue i can't do it so Please help me Please Help Me
  4. Help need it on my anmation Please if you what to help Please email me at DanielHarper122@Gmail.com and let me now what you and or add on it Please Help me thanks
  5. Hey Need Someone Help me on a Movie or anmantion let me now

  6. Hey Need Someone Help me on a Movie or anmantion let me now

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