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  1. I wonder if I could pull off making an alt and just making them the least likeable person ever in order to get the record for least rep.


    Or maybe I've already done it?

    If I did, you wouldn't know. 👀

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    2. Netherall Brimstone

      Netherall Brimstone

      lol don't put yourself in danger.

      The moderators are vultures.

    3. Skjold


      @Swift Nah. I'd just have to convince them that I'm Skjold's brother. That's what BloxTheRigger & Mooshimity did.

      ..or y'know just make an acc in a random mcdonalds. That'd probably make more sense.

      @Slime or phone or ultra haxx0r proxies and 27 firewalls with mainframe VPN technology

    4. Netherall Brimstone

      Netherall Brimstone

      Lol now with +2 rep I've lost that place to some other noob :P

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