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  1. NathanAlwaysSingle

    Choose your fighter

    someone pick me
  2. what is spagepi xDxD

    1. NathanAlwaysSingle


      snivybots favourite!

    2. MYSELF3200


      Baby don't hurt me

      Don't hurt me

      No more

  3. Congratulations, Tdit!

    1. tditdatdwt


      Wow, gee! Thanks, Snivy!

  4. join my newest discord server, its cool

  5. NathanAlwaysSingle

    Rectangle Bro Special Issue #1

    oh hey this is alright (because i worked on it)
  6. NathanAlwaysSingle

    ShadowUnicorn_Gaming, Update 2018

    please put some pants on, vespur
  7. Join my discord server!

    1. Twotorule


      I'm just going to leave this reply here so I don't forget about it because Discord is being a jerk right now and won't load.

    2. tditdatdwt


      You forgot.

  8. NathanAlwaysSingle


    oh ok understandable
  9. NathanAlwaysSingle


    already been done before
  10. NathanAlwaysSingle

    Some Short Test Animations

    I figured I should get back into animating, so I started with a few transition tests and a few tests for the new MI features (also just for trippy stuff i guess) from the description: " And yes, I do realize that the GameCube logo is slightly messed up. I rendered it a while back before compiling these animations together and it seems I forgot to correct but it's a bit too late for correcting it now. "
  11. NathanAlwaysSingle

    That's Not My Angel.

    i can be your angle or your devil
  12. NathanAlwaysSingle

    MIP Losers

    amazing work as always
  13. NathanAlwaysSingle

    COMIC: The Glorious Adventures of Rectangle Bro - #7: FLY RECOVERY!!!

    amazing as always, tdit
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