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  1. • So I've been gone for months, so have a render of mine. • Konata Izumi model by me, textures by me.
  2. • Nikku by Saruky, from the FNF Mod Hotline 042 • Nikku model by me
  3. - OC by Ratchet/BigM8. - Model of OC by BMNBrandon.
  4. • all models are made by me
  5. Made a new OC and decided to make a render for her! (This render was made before the Anniversary render).
  6. People: SoundDotZip Bread Azzryah McKenzie Shellby (Primatium) Spont EmZ Diamond Darrien Ruzy BigM8 Chrisation (Me) Dockta Bone (Bread) Shards (My Friend) WinnythailandFX Mello Sten LordKillo_ Skillsz KeepOnChucking Jossamation StarWeevil David and Nimi
  7. • Bed model by Mello • Textures by me, Desk, Room and Chrisation model by me
  8. Model created by me and texture made by me
  9. Model and textures of it made by me
  10. Ah, I didn't see a model section in the creations (or maybe I'm blind) so thanks for telling me!
  11. 6 Hours of Sonic Blaster and it's remix playing in the background. Textures are made by me.
  12. All models and texture here are entirely made by me.
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