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  1. Glad to have beta tested this during its early days! :)
  2. by the way i don't post here that much since i only post on twitter
  3. • So I've been gone for months, so have a render of mine. • Konata Izumi model by me, textures by me.
  4. • Nikku by Saruky, from the FNF Mod Hotline 042 • Nikku model by me
  5. - OC by Ratchet/BigM8. - Model of OC by BMNBrandon.
  6. • all models are made by me
  7. Made a new OC and decided to make a render for her! (This render was made before the Anniversary render).
  8. People: SoundDotZip Bread Azzryah McKenzie Shellby (Primatium) Spont EmZ Diamond Darrien Ruzy BigM8 Chrisation (Me) Dockta Bone (Bread) Shards (My Friend) WinnythailandFX Mello Sten LordKillo_ Skillsz KeepOnChucking Jossamation StarWeevil David and Nimi
  9. • Bed model by Mello • Textures by me, Desk, Room and Chrisation model by me
  10. Model created by me and texture made by me
  11. Model and textures of it made by me
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