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  1. I am currently running Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster). I am unable to find any Mine-imator file folders whatsoever besides the installer in my Linux files folder. Nor am I able to access the logs from the Linux terminal. I believe this might be an issue with my distribution of the OS, or likely the application is not supported on my device. However I do not know a lot about operating Linux since it is not the OS that I normally use.
  2. Since the new Pre-release just came out for Mine-imator 2.0, I decided to try and install the Linux OS version of the release onto my laptop in order to be able to work on some of my projects while I am away. However upon installing the program and running it as normal, the application ceases to open and remains permanently stuck in the loading phase. I do not believe that this is an incompatibility issue with my device since the application will successfully download and appear on my device. I thought that I had probably just installed the program wrong or forgot to update my Terminal, however upon reinstalling the program and updating to the latest version of Linux, the problem still persists. I have looked around the forums and I don't seem to have found anyone that has the same problem as I have. I understand that there are a lot of bugs and issues that are presenting themselves after the first test release, and I do not need to have a solution to this immediately. However, I just wanted to make this issue known so that it may be fixed in the future. I do not think that anything is wrong with the Mine-imator Pre-release. I simply believe that I do not know how to properly install the program using Linux.
  3. A teaser for a future project I'm working on Idk why I wanted to post this on the forums but this is probably like my first post in 2 years or smt so ye What do you think the steve is doin rn? I think he might be contemplating his life as a pixellated game character.
  4. Good video! The camera shots are really good but everything is using a linear transition, try using some of the other transitions. Your walk and run cycles could use some work and try to prevent foot sliding.
  5. I originally posted this as a contest submission, however I want to expand upon the animation. I don't intend upon modifying this animation, but to use its feedback to generate better quality animations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28KcgCCOw_8
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