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  1. its not a miobject, its a note ryt?
  2. HI! Made another wallpaper Photoshoped used
  3. HI So I havent posted a wallpaper in a long time Credit: Mini player model @9redwoods
  4. HI! So I made another rig Mask (lol) Credit:face rig: @SoundsDotZip Credit me when use If any bugs or glitches tell me And in my other rigs like the fingers and the cape was made in modelbench Today only I know that what is made in modelbench should be posted here. So yea. this is also made in modelbench link: compressed http://www.mediafire.com/file/1ix2g7hc90kg3p4/Mask_V1_BY_JM_Animations_compressed.zip/file normal http://www.mediafire.com/file/0svee3smxv3cxeb/Mask_V1_BY_JM_Animations.rar/file
  5. thx ill try to fix that before the next cape release
  6. ok ill make it ans send it to you privately? are you ok with that?? ill just post the compressed one also
  7. Nice keep it up and you are better than good your awesome at aniamting even higher than awesome. Awesome rigs keep the great work up!!!!!
  8. HI! So i made another rig. Capes! If any bugs or glitches tell me. here link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4492huzck7emmu2/Cape_V1_By_JM_Animations.rar/file credit me when use Here is the link for compressed http://www.mediafire.com/file/pwxolt3iu8yi6iu/Cape_V1_By_JM_Animations.zip/file
  9. try ctrl + (+) larger ctrl + (-) smaller
  10. Hi everyone My first rig posted http://www.mediafire.com/file/qk8u2v5gby4j502/Fingers_V1_By_JM_Animations.rar/file Tell me if there is any bugs or glitches Credit me when you use this rig. Credits: facerig: @SoundsDotZip
  11. in the second one which is the better one?
  12. This is really cool!!!!!!!!! Out of this world.
  13. Sometimes check the requirements or if you are rendering it in a higher standered go to a lesser one. or it might be a crash reload it. i told what i know sometimes it might be incorrect
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