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  1. It's Bare Bones I'll try, thanks Yes, you can adjust these parameters in some ways, but after selecting the necessary values, strange artifacts begin to appear. But thanks anyway
  2. Read the text at the end, please!I tried to make the poster similar in light and style in general to those that Mojang make for trailers and official posters. Well, it turned out pretty well, BUT, I think these terrible shadows from flowers and creeper are perfectly visible. Well, the question to the community is HOW? HOW to make the shadows harder and get rid of the waves on them? If there is an answer besides "Go to make wallpaper in Blender or C4D", please let me know
  3. When I set the directional light, then the corresponding shadows are drawn at the bend points of the model, but is there any way to get rid of them?
  4. Some color correction and MBL effects. Well, a watermark, where do without it. I don’t explain who didn’t understand the stylistics of the work - I tried to make a poster on the Garry's Mod mixed with the style of cyberpunk. From cyberpunk here, in the end, only shades of lighting. In color, he still tried to run behind the blue palette of Garry's Mod. Well, I’ll also notice - this is my first full-time job.
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