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  1. Hello ive had this one problem in the past wich makes it so i cant put in custom versions of mineimator can anyone help...
  2. ok i will post the zip files if possible
  3. oh ok then i just really wanna use it cos it has a new walkcycle
  4. i did it in a post but it is no longer available for some reason but i can tell you the problemo! so basically, I wanted to make an animation with kens model with characters in the umm toolbox its custom stuff so i wanted to use it and so i try then, i restart as it told me to then i open it up then its 1.14 again sadly i cant find my post one guy on the post said that he had had this problem and theres something wrong with my .midata file but i didn't know what to do with it then if you could explain in a reply that would be totally awesome!
  5. no clue haha i rendered it and all, i see is the controllers do i have to export the video?
  6. I'm having the same problem but its not in minecraft versions its in the kens mod i cant get it to be enabled it just resets can anyone help?
  7. and how do i get rid of the controllers thx!
  8. can i set my skin onto fingers ect? if so incredible dude!
  9. JEESSSU-- JEZZZ nightmares? No thankYOU!!!!
  10. its not as easy as just putting them in im no mod or dev but i know it would take a while.
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