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  1. I dont think so mate. Im sorry. My friend has same specs with yours, but i cant afford atm that specs.
  2. Do you think what should I upgrade on my specs to get better fps? my specs is i5 4thgen, 12gb ram and gtx 1050ti.
  3. your suggest by removing the objects are quite good. but the beauty of scenery was gone. you can check this image https://imgur.com/F0zY4pO this is really frustrating, i want to have beautiful animation as I can.
  4. Can anyone knows why I'm having a 4fps when F5 is on? I have i5 4th gen processor 12gb ram, gtx 1050ti and i have alot of storage available. Please help me to solve this problem. Btw my settings in graphics are SAO is on. SHADOW is on. GLOW is on. AA is on. Program settings in Mine-imator is version 1.14.4 and FPS 60
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