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  1. I am interested in helping with the project (comic). I do know how to use modelbench but i dont know about advanced stuff. I would like to help as a Character Modeler. I don’t ask anything. But I can’t do everything. I will try my best. Discord: Sakkun#8758
  2. I am interested. Pls leave contact info. heres mine. Discord: Sakkun#8758
  3. I would like to help as a Modeler/Rigger. Idont usually post rigs yet so i can send the pics to u. https://imgur.com/a/5NCfWue Discord: Sakkun#8758
  4. sorry but this rig is reskinnable. but u can also use the male skin which make this is not a full giirl rig but instead a human rig
  5. Help in the program. The new version 1.2.6 is a pain on my back. cuz i installed this on 2of my pcs and on my only desktop but a day after all three of my computers were corrupted. Im not sure if the program is the reason but maybe it is since when i started the program some of my old mine imator projects were turning to default texture and some were deleted. idk if the program did it. so pls help.
  6. Hi GabWizCo, I mean....* Hi I'm GabWizCo, I am renders make. i meen...* I make renders and animation. (s) Thats all.
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