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  1. hey where did you get your profile picture? i like it!

    1. Ethaniel


      I bet it's nsfw. 😨

    2. Draco63


      @Ethaniel meh. I just like dragons.

  2. Pretty simple, but I like the lighting
  3. ...

    walk cycle

    I think he thinks he's 'cool'...
  4. Not too bad, but he's looking at the ceiling instead of his computer.
  5. So I noticed that when I import from world, there isn't a pop-up for 'add animatable blocks to timeline'. Thus it seems to automatically add hundreds of blocks that I don't want. Could there be a pop-up for import from world?
  6. Maybe some of the textures somehow were left behind after extracting. But idk how to read this
  7. That's why you get better, bro. You'll never be good if you apply yourself to low standards.
  8. Awesome lighting. But it kind of looks like he/she is off balance? Her right foot is swept out from under her. Idk, there's no lean with the body or the head.
  9. This has 40 replies because it turned into a conversation.
  10. It's gone again. Why does it keep happening? But @DragonPixel has it up there.
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