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  1. Click here to see the image. For some reason "Insert image from URL" didn't upload the image...
  2. I believe that I typed "I think" so I may be WRONG or RIGHT.
  3. Actually, I think you can say Minecraft: Bedrock is better than Java edition. When we talk about code optimization and the ability to gain money from your work is only available on Mincraft: BE.
  4. Thanks so much for making this possible, I've question: Are we allowed to use your Minecraft Letters Model for commercial?
  5. There's a neat feature on Mine-Imator that allows you to get any MC: Java skin from typing the skin's name. It would be great adding this feature for MC: BE skins too.
  6. Typed "Notblock" by wrong...
  7. Still needs improvements...
  8. Complex render is coming soon
  9. We would like to see Mine-Imator able to read ".MCPACK" (Minecraft: Bedrock edition) worlds!
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