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  1. Hi, my answer to everyone: Even though most monster school videos are cringy and bad quality, I will tend to create the good quality ones (and stand out in that way, which will attract people). There is nothing that stops me from making it like willcraft. After all, this is a kids cartoon, and kids watch it, so the community shouldn't stress about it too much since there's no point.
  2. Hi everyone, looking for experienced monster school animators for my team. You would need to provide examples of your week. I will need weekly videos that are 8-10 minutes long. For more details, we can continue communication on discord: my discord: crynnex#1000
  3. yee i was hoping people dont see that. imma fix it
  4. basically this is just the first part of the animation,its gonna continue where it left off tell me wot u think m8 tell me what u think, critisize my ass my blood brothers
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