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  1. I wish mineimator was an app for devices like ipads that would be so cool

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Sadly That was Rejected From Nimi Journal Development. Because If MI was added into A Playstore for example, Then Yes maybe everyone can Animate using Their mobile gadgets, But Here's a thing. What about with the people that only have Small Screen Size of their mobile phones? I think It's Better if We Can Zoom In, And Out But In Mobile version. So Mobile user will still be able to animate their animations, but with Zoom In, If the button pretty smaller, And Zoom Out To Animate the Character. Just like When You are Editing a Photos in Photoshop. 

      But Again Maybe Mine-Imator will not Exist for Mobile. So much Problems to be fixed. Hardware power, and etc. 

    2. soniccraft


       So basically you're saying the GUi needs to be on a bigger screen why not make the GUI smaller  just a thought 🙃

    3. LacaMenDRY


      Yes the GUI will be smaller, But Here's a thing. When you want to click a button. Then The Button is pretty smaller than your thumb. I can't reply to you more, because this is not a Chat Section. 

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