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  1. Thank you so much! There are bends on soldiers in the background. I'll do my best next time
  2. Yup. But it's getting better. Unlike before.
  3. Hi, Just a quick thumbnail render. Sorry for bad lighting though. (May not be the best render, but I tried my best. Posing has been improved.)
  4. Yeah, I know that, still improving my animations. I am not yet advanced. 1. I watched Kiepocu Studios' walk cycle tutorial. 2. Sorry about that, just making them walk. 3. Not all. Only some. 4. I use framerate 3. Which makes the animation look extraordinary. 5. Probably, I used some cubic transitions. Thanks, you liked my hard work, I admit my animation is not the best. But next time there will be improvements. :)
  5. Welp, none watched this one Am I in the wrong place?
  6. Hi! I had finished the music video. It took me 4 months to create this animation. Characters: @BloxxHD @Davi12345 and @9redwoods Those who I forgot to add, don't worry, you will be featured in the next music video soon! Stay tuned!
  7. you mean lock the taskbar? It says in my PC "Lock the taskbar" Ok, i did it. The glitch is fixed.
  8. Thank you. I'll do it later when i have time.
  9. I'll try it later. I was going to make Reaper ride a skeleton horse. Edit: By the way, our collab is almost done. This is the last scene of the animation.
  10. Hi! I've encountered a problem, i couldn't select the horse rig because the taskbar is blocking the "Create Button", i don't even know how to disable taskbar. So is there any other controls here? Thank you! https://imgur.com/a/GbNyDyq
  11. To those who are waiting for my music video, i am on this part, the video is WIP, this is scene 3. I have worked for 2 scenes. If you want to know my progress, here is the photo on where is my current progress now! Be Patient!
  12. Good idea! Maybe make the bed color pink. And add some stuffed toys as decoration.
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