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  1. Good idea! Maybe make the bed color pink. And add some stuffed toys as decoration.
  2. Great! I am also making an upcoming music video. Can i join there? Please?
  3. To be honest, the render looks decent but needs work. Camera effects and color correction would look good i think?
  4. BloxxHD

    I need help

    Hey, you're the guy that replied to my first render. Anyways thank you for the support
  5. BloxxHD

    I need help

    Hi! I am requesting skins for my upcoming music video. I tried to search for skins but i can't find better skins, so i am requesting some skins for my Minecraft Music Video. Any skins will be appreciated. Thank you! (P.S Kindly post skins by replying in this thread.)
  6. Alright guys, i added lighting, camera color. I hope this is better than the previous version. I also improved fire sparks. PREVIOUS RENDITION NEW RENDITION Okay, it's done! Done.
  7. "Soldier" Original Minecraft Music Video is coming soon!

    1. BloxxHD


      I am creating it today

  8. he is, but I renamed him and his behavior. I am thinking what should I name him?
  9. BloxxHD


    Wild west or living in Texas?
  10. So i made my cover photo render, hope you like it guys. https://imgur.com/KnBOl8I (If you need renders, send me a message.) BTW. How do you send pictures without using links or url anyway? Thank you (EDIT: I added lighting, camera color, saturation etc. since some of you guys requested it to me.)
  11. Thank you for the new version
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