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  1. Very Detailed PERFECTION nice Graphic and Smooth Movement this is Really nice!!! 10000/10000
  2. Hi Guys i make a new rig again it is Frisk rig from undertale i just made an speedrigging of it if you want to watch it i will link it down THE RIGGING VIDEO: THE DOWNLOAD LINK:https://www.mediafire.com/file/yyk8az... THE SPEED RIGGING VIDEO:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uNLn... I hope you enjoy it
  3. Xyrus01

    Camera Rig

    there's nothing in his video
  4. Xyrus01

    The Zombie Rig

    This rig is for my collab name is "The Survivor Collab" if u want to join here's the link : https://discord.gg/b5nYQgA here's the video for my rig....the download link is in the description of the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJbO23clxT8
  5. you can use MineImator,Blender,C4D,Maya and on cp Animate it
  6. Whats up guys my name is Xyrus YouTube Channel is Xyrus01 Im here just to post my collab sorry for reposting this just i need because i post my previous post for this collab in wrong place and idk how to delete it only you need to do for the collab is to make a story about scary bed you can make it commedy but related to horror the deadline is july20 but i will try to make a long deadling so yeah heres a picture AND HERES THE LINK ONE:https://imgur.com/gallery/Yw56kUP I hope you guys join gg join now
  7. Xyrus01

    SCP 096

    I Like The RENDER
  8. Sorry I Forgot It Cause The Last Time I Play Fallout Is Long Time Ago
  9. Xyrus01

    Ford Explorer

    Sponsored LOL Jk
  10. Guys Join To My First Hosted Collab Ever Read The Rules https://discord.gg/2JRCdt
  11. Guys Want y Character Rig
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