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  1. O3O love you

  2. Hello, my name is Alkaide. While I was sitting and working on my project, clicking and tapping my mouse and keyboard. Something popped out of my head while looking at one thing. The Timeline. Timeline is where we animate our characters and models for our animations. We create an instance of our model, put it in the world, then we start making keyframes on different frames and make configurations of this model to create the illusion of movement. I have noticed that no one actually has suggested something like this, or has it been done but I have not seen it? But nevertheless, I am here to express my suggestion for the timeline section of Mine-imator. Multiple Timelines. First thing I have noticed with the timeline is that it's not similar with the tab below. Now I thought to myself, what if we had multiple timelines? Don't really mind how many Timelines we can get. Maybe we can get 2 - 3, or 2 - INFINITE? The decision is up to the user to how many timelines will he have. That's the main idea of this topic. But I'm going to divide this topic in a few ways to make it understandable. WHAT . HOW . WHY <> WHAT IS "MULTIPLE TIMELINES" ? <> Multiple Timelines is where the user is able to configure how many timelines he may have in a project. This is not a SETTING feature but instead a "Project Feature", (Setting features are similar to color interfaces and preferences and goes with you from different projects). To configure or decide how many timelines you would want to have in a project, here's my illustration. I don't really have any idea with the limits of number of timelines, but let's say I want 3 timelines for this project. Now, three timelines are created. Timeline A. Timeline B. Timeline C. But Alkaide, why does Timeline B and C do not have the Steve and Cube? We'll get to there, Billy. <> HOW DOES "MULTIPLE TIMELINES" WORK? <> Well, this may sound complicated- but I'll try to go through this one by one. 1. You can decide where does one instance go on which timeline. For example, let's say you have Cube. Forgive me for these illustrations. You can decide where "Cube" goes on which timeline. As we see here, Cube is in Timeline A- but I want it to be in B too! Now when we look in the timeline; we see it like this. Cube is in Timeline A. Cube is in Timeline B. Same method goes to putting Cube in Timeline C too. Just check the box and Cube will appear in all three Timelines. But Alkaide, is it also possible to remove Cube in Timeline A? Yes Billy, simply by unchecking the box in Timeline A removes Cube from TImeline A. But Alkaide, what if all boxes are unchecked, would the Cube disappear? Good observation Billy, I haven't really thought about that one. But I think a notification will pop up saying "You cannot remove all timelines for an instance!". Similar like that. LAGGY PC. TOPIC IS STILL UNDONE. STILL EDITING. POSTING INCASE MY PC DIES AND I LOSE EVERYTHING. 9:36 PM 7/2/2019
  3. hey Alkaide could i have the link to your old profile (i.e. furry community)? i'm interested in seeing some of your old work that you haven't put in the MI forums.

    1. Alkaide


      Furry community?? I don't have that. And I don't have any other else to show except in the MI community. There is my Youtube channel however, and that's where I post most of my stuff. For renders, however, mostly in Discord.

    2. Draco63


      ok sry thought you mentioned that somewhere

  4. Not gonna lie, the background is hot.
  5. A Youtube Banner Promotion for my upcoming series... Not gonna lie, it looks good. And apparently my first 1.2.3 render without any other programs used. MGB? Nope. It's rather... a reverie. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGcbgb11l4tiU5ojvwIzZ0Q?view_as=subscriber Also advertising coz y not. /shrug
  6. An adorable walking storage last pic holy shoot damn
  7. I'm glad you find the animation interesting and fun in general, sorry about making you feel uncomfortable tbh that's what I wonder to my audience when I make humor animation like these in WIP. Now that you mentioned that, I'll try my best to limit and adjust my humor. Would take awhile, but I am getting there actually. But thanks for the feedback, much appreciate. I actually do agree with you, but don't take the animation seriously, it's meant to be funny and giggle the turd out of you. I exaggerated the drooling to emphasize of what Pigman the one being devoured gone through. That's why I placed a lot of them in the end, telling RandomJeremy the guy who barged in with a gun that facing Alkaide the dragon was too dangerous for him. The drool is not to be taken seriously, I hope you do know that. Because one thing I know for sure who also has a huge interest in dragons, I know they aren't like the dragon portrayed in the animation.
  8. his face was steady throughout the whole animation, this was a "technique" I used for comedic purpose. The rest are well animated except for his, giving him a purpose of a "blank expression" with a mixture of derpiness. In the last parts of the plot, we see his pupils change, concluding that his "blank expression" role has completely broke and he now fears the dragon.
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