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  1. I’m happy for the return of minecraft,

    but I have a bad feeling that this time, it’s only returning as a FAD

    Maybe if Sven dies, minecraft will die with it?

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    2. ShotU


      If you consider Minecraft coming back as FAD. Your most likely considering the forums as FAD as well, as the forums is based around Mine-Imator, which is an animation program based around Minecraft.

      And yes, Minecraft IS timeless.

    3. MojangYang


      @ShotUAnimations it’s not that complicated.

      To me, minecraft is forever. But I’m afraid that people might stop playing again soon.

      why do people have to take things so negatively? I’m not talking about mi or the forums here.

      Meh. Who cares? The one good thing about Fortnite taking over in 2018 is that now I know who are real faithful minecraft players. Screaming kids would always follow fads the most popular games, and when Fortnite was popular last year, they immediately tossed minecraft aside and yelled: “Minecraft sux! I want vbucks!!”

      Only true players would stick with minecraft in its hardest times.

      I like Pewdiepie not because he plays minecraft, but because he only played Fortnite cuz he was desperate for content. He did not actually like fads.

      (i’m Going off topic again.)

    4. Frost


      Pretty fair, @MojangYang, but people aren't taking it very negatively.

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