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  1. my pc can no longer detect our wifi after bingdows update

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    2. MojangYang


      you failed to describe my frustration and sorrow

    3. DragonPixel
    4. StarFX


      Thanks for the warning.

      Until next time they force an update i won't let my pc update itself

  2. When you hacked a sounds library website to get their audio for free, but later found out their audio files were free anyways

  3. Alright, how many of you guys actually enjoy learning?

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    2. DragonPixel


      those words that my brain do not know 

    3. Ghatos


      I guess it has something to do with math, and in that case I hate it

    4. DragonPixel
  4. Nobody:

    Me: Proceeds to defend CG in a stop motion behind-the-scene video and feeling embarrassed afterwards

    1. OzFalcon


      Both are equally great tools in filmmaking, don't feel embarrassed!

  5. #ccnotappreciated

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    2. MojangYang


      (says the dude who was pissed about people not giving him cc for his work?)

    3. Ethaniel


      I want criticism. Cc is this stupid culture on the forums that use a term they don't understand. 

    4. Benji


      "CC" is a fad that no one actually understands, actual constructive criticism is nothing like what you guys do at all and that's on periodt.


    1. Ghatos


      Me who didn't went to school since March 17:


    2. MojangYang


      The sad thing is that I only get 2 weeks of holidays

    3. DragonPixel
  7. How do I get "Never Gonna Give You Up" out of my head?

    1. DragonPixel


      here you go this will help 


    2. MojangYang


      Watched that yesterday, didn't help ;-;

    3. DragonPixel
  8. The nicknames people are giving me in the forum games are getting more unoriginal by the day. This only means one thing:

    Time for a new pfp

    1. __Mine__


      Shame the logo on your shirt literally doesn't exist anymore...

      Still got no idea why Mojang decided to remove it. Dumb and unnecessary move imo.

  9. There are some illegal high power lasers for sale on ebay, but not the compulsory safety goggles.

    How am I going to commit my first crime now, without risking blinding myself?

    1. FredMCGamer


      Perhaps use a welder's mask. . .

    2. MojangYang



      They don't work, they let through 1/4 of the light and can still blind you

      Laser safety goggles are color specific. They block certain colors completely.

  10. The trip me and mum went on with her bf was a 100% waste of time. We drove 4 hours to and from his rotting house in the middle of nowhere (Mind you there was nothing intersting to see there). I finally had a 3 days break but this trip spent 2 damn days, most of the time was spent on the road. Tomorrow it's back to school.

    They finally broke up. Now, back to mi and blender. Don't anyone waste any more of my time.

    1. Mercury


      Wait, I thought school was over

    2. MojangYang


      2 more week until its holidays in Australia.

      I live upside down

  11. Actually, we are all just different shades of brown.

  12. One of my first animations reached 1k


    1. Ghatos
    2. MojangYang



      its not even that good tho

  13. US is tearing itself apart smh

    1. StarFX


      but why are they doing this?


    2. __Mine__


      Don't they always?

  14. Imagine living a normal life.

  15. ...now Im really into Rasputin by Boney.M...

  16. Life lesson: If your ram is capable of running at 3200mhz but it runs at 2133mhz on default, don't clock it up.

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      this is very specific and i don't like it

  17. Tone is important in cc. Ok. Note taken.

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      not only tone but the overall criticism 

      you shouldn't try to be a living advertisement for animation sins by making the biggest text wall known to mankind making criticism that isn't helpful at all and that heavily confuses the creator of said thing

    2. MojangYang
  18. I'm writing this with the respondus lockdown browser running.

  19. forums veterans now hang out in the status update section, while the newbies are taking over the recent post section.

    1. Kwazedilla


      also me: never posts status updates kek

  20. What's downvote for?

    Nowadays I only use it for the occasional opinions I disagree with, since I feel bad about downvoting newbies' creations. But isn't that what the rep system was originally designed for?

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    2. HeYoNia


      I rarely use the downvote button.

    3. crustyjpeg


      Downvotes are not (or at least shouldn't be) for things you disagree with.

      They're for things that add nothing of value to the discussion (like using the clown emoji in an argument), or, for creations, are things that were made with no care or are lacking in anything that vaguely resembles creativity.  (Monster School for example)

      Downvote things that are objectively bad or stupid, not things that you don't like or disagree with.


      edit:but also they're meaningless internet points and nobody should give a damn if they get downvoted

    4. moons


      I think the negative votes will stop people from going too far.

  21. Lets talk about NSFW.

    Gaming during work is not a good choice unless you wanna get fired, so games are not suitable for work.

    Games are porns.

  22. Minecraft is one single word, kids.

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      ...you could say that about any other game too

      nevermind i tought you meant that it was filled with kids

  23. I was involved in plagerism



    Don't trust your rl ex fortnite player friend

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