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    washed in pervol forever alone, he collects white cards
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  1. Name: Derion Age: 21 Gender: Male Equipment: Staff ended with a hidden blade,silver long chain,Long Sword,filings of iron and salt, Skills: Knows everything about monsters,witches etc.Mediumship(can detect ghost and evil creatures)know where his enemies are. he can throw a chain to immobilize someone,great sword fighter,can slow time for 7 seconds,in night can change into bloodthirsty lama( A creature from Greek mythology) Element Kingdom: None Appearance: Green Eyes,Brown Hair,Scars around body(one near left ear,one on back,one on right leg,one on face) P.S : I was inspired to create this character from the Spook's Apprentice Here is the Wiki https://thespooksapprentice.fandom.com/wiki/Thomas_Ward https://imgur.com/rzl3ldz there are skin of him P.P.S He have hood
  2. If I turn my computer upside down, would you become Left Man?

    1. Ghatos
    2. Right Man

      Right Man

      no, i will still be right man ,but upside down....

      Heh XD

  3. Hello everyone My name is Nikolas(yes, it's written by K) im 13, i like programming, sour soup,and music,Metallica,Queen etc. I don't like Disco or Rap.I want to be good Animator I live in Poland, on the upper Silesia.
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