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  1. A hit from that's gonna require more than 1 medic bag to patch up.
  2. I hate it cuz they removed the GOOD Stone Sla
  3. So, this is a problem that stuck with me for quite a bit, and now it's really bothering, you know the stone slabs, the 1.8 version? yea, a map i'm using had a lot of those, and now they converted into HYPER-REALISTIC-4K-RESOLUTION STONE. The map used them to give a modern look to the buildings, and the general layout. Oh, and yeah, i tried downloading the default 1.8 texture pack, but everytime it magically transforms into the 1.14 version.
  4. I'll take your entire stock.
  5. With the texture, i'll add them, but i made this just so i could practice on voxel rigs, thx for the feedback tho. really appreciate.
  6. So, i got bored and i thought to myself: "Hey, wouldn't a mine imator nuke be cool?" and this is what i made. Not too bad right? the best thing is, the little metal box is actually openable, and you can find this inside The Arm/Disarm controls. INSTRUCTIONS: If you want to acces the controls just go to controls compartment under body, check compartment hatch and rotate (from testing the best open rotation is 180°) If you want to acces the button, just slide the glass to the left and higher the button by a bit. All text IS customizable Feedback is appreciated You can insert custom keycards, just make them fit the hole. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/e43o1716ceinbx6/Nuke.miobject/file
  7. Gopknik zombie and good car
  8. I'm dumb but it was good to point that out to other people
  9. globe: *exists* Wait, thats illegal.
  10. Alterra wants to know your location
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