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  1. that's one heck of a ship... great work dude.
  2. This jet is lit.
  3. Essential Meme Lord


    This isn't good Its legendary.
  4. Maybe it is your first time uploading but i must say, if you wanted to make a skin at least do ot for the enderman because it doesn't give a 096 feel to the character, since it is a pale human with a blood stain on it's body, with the enderman it would at least look more "normal" and generally would look better. Everybody makes mistakes but please learn from them. plus it should be in the skin section.
  5. Well yes, but actually no. NS2 is after the events of subnautica where the karaa virus evolved creating infestations with monsters.
  6. I like the fact that you used the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bandit skin for the AK-47.
  7. hey its an A-Bomb does A stand for Atomic or for Ass?
  8. That's a Lamborghini Egoista (Egoista in italian means selfish, i suppose because all that beauty but only 1 seat.) That's really generic. I like it
  9. Well making them is EZ: Take the Keycard Texture you want Make an item out of it Resize it Enjoy your new keycard
  10. You forgot the most important part of them all. The download. (please add it it's a really good rig and i would want to use it.)
  11. Hi! this is my second public rig, and yea, this doesn't look really good but i hope you enjoy it. There are 2 types of texts: Access Granted and denied ( you need to use visibility) DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2c63is82udi8css/SCP_KEYCARD_READER_RIG.zip/file
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