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    I also like dragons (and drawing them), Hytale, and The Mandalorian. (Star wars in general, too.)
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  1. I nearly have enough spending money to buy a windows mixed reality VR headset for the sole purpose of playing minecraft on! 😀


    (I mean, seriously, what else would you use technology for?)

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    2. Draco63


      the only reason I took the Windows MR one is because I couldn't use the others. Gear VR is ok, but I'm not going to go buy a specific-brand phone when all I want is a VR headset. as for Oculus Rift... it's awesome! unfortunately, my PC isn't. The minimum requirements are unreachable, so at the very least it would be incredibly laggy. but for Windows MR, it's the most affordable for me, it doesn't need a bunch of other stuff, and when I researched more, I found out that my PC has the perfect specifications to run it! and yes, I know that the controllers aren't the most comfortable, but I have also heard a lot of praise for it, and of course it can run MC no problem.

      so yeah.

    3. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      I got Samsung HMD odyssey+

    4. Draco63


      yup! that's the one I'm getting!

      according to the internet, it's the best one!

      also, of course, it costs less on amazon 😆

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