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  1. (Mia’s still doing the same thing because like there’s no point in writing it out again)
  2. (I only upvoted that because I think it’s unfair that somebody downvoted it)
  3. *Mia would be sitting on her bed, petting Gingernut who was on her lap and reading a book about politics. She would also have a cup of tea and be eating spicy ramen with her own personalised fire kingdom chopsticks from home.*
  4. (Okay then, if you can’t decide who makes the sandwich then why don’t both of you try?)
  5. *Mia would now be sitting on her bed in her assigned chambers, cuddling Gingernut.* ’Sure! I would love to help.’
  6. (Mob if you really want something to do you should like come after me because remember I was resurrected using Forbidden Magic and I’m pretty sure your organisation has something to do with death?)
  7. *Mia would take a deep inhale.... and then sprint off, through the doors and down the corridor. Presumably to wherever her cat is.*
  8. *Mia would stare blankly into the distance for a second, seemingly deep in thought, before snapping back into reality and screeching:* ”HOLD ON A SECOND, WHERE ON EARTH IS GINGERNUT!”
  9. What’s it like being tall? I’m not even 5ft...
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