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  1. Justin the space

    Skins broken

    either that the skin uses an old skin format or something, idk, i think skin formats was changed after or in 1.8 i think
  2. cuz who ever modeled you seems to be new at it
  3. i was going to make a random animation but i was too lazy to even make the character walk

  4. alpha glitch can be fixed, i forgot what was its name but it was by changing a value of the object in the properties tab i think, just search it up in youtube or something
  5. heres a status update cuz of le doog that thinks that le foorum is dying

  6. actually yeah ghostblock does make quality content, the animation is good and all, but they still follow a similar formula
  7. we die when we get killed

  8. mine imator does have option for inheriting sizes and stuff but idk about modelbench
  9. if someone said you're*

    then respond with yo'ue*

    1. insanehelix7076


      Ah jokes now we have here? Try to beat this

      if bacon is called bacon and cookies is called cookies then why is it called cook bacon and bake cookies.

      if jellyfishes and cucumbers are 95% water does that mean they are 5% different meaning they are almost the same thing?

      The reason smart people (with glasses) will always be part gamer is because smart brains are better than average brains and the same applies to gaming computers and normal computers, and also because glasses are gaming monitors for your eyes.

      if we have watermelons then why do we not have firemelons, airmelons, and earthmelons? THE ELEMELONS

    2. Justin the space
  10. thats a weird question, maybe cuz you didnt explain very clearly, or just cuz im dum
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