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  1. Im thinking about saving my money to buy ram or gpu. So which should i buy to make mine imator run smoothly?
  2. hallo! its been a while : P

  3. Zarfel

    Lighter rig

    I just realized just now : P sorry
  4. This will help you make your lip sync better
  5. Fun fact: its already summer in my country since last April, and now im going back too school in june :,)

  6. Zarfel

    Lighter rig

    *can change color *no need to be credited (if you want) *easy to use *particles are included *no light source (you need to add a point light) I hope you like it :] and HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY, MINECRAFT!! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pDicBU1QULcuzpSMEEkqR0VyulpQWTGI (I FORGOT TO SEND A LINK : P)
  7. I realized that i have 100 rep :0


    1. jakubg1


      Congratulations and keep up dude! :)

  8. Can someone give me tips about lighting the scene? Because i kinda suck at it 😕

    1. Hagus


      Pulls out notepad

      yeah somebody should definitely give tips to him

    2. jakubg1


      All I can say, it's that you might want to watch tutorials. Once you watched some of them, you should get better at lighting the scene. If not, maybe someone would help you personally :)

  9. so um, i hope you like it cc is always appreciated
  10. Its not that bad, just make the sword slashing part exaggerating and the running part is a bit slow.
  11. i will be inactive for few weeks because im too busy  😕

    and also i'll be releasing the teaser soon of my animation series.

  12. hallo, im Zarfel, i animate and draw stuff. ye, dats it
  13. Hello! im going to make an animation series called "Fright" which is about surviving for the dead, and im gonna need your skin for my animation So i need a total of 6 skins per person, and it will be picked 6 people that wants their skin to become part of the main character. and the rest of their submission of their skin, there is a chance that i could use your skin for my animation as a zombie OR i could use your skin as a background character. ill will edit your skin into a zombie (or you could edit your own ) and ill be choosing skins randomly by using a wheel decide online. Skin's submitted as main characters (6/6): @TheJeweledWolf (Alive) @YoshiHunter (Alive) @9redwoods(Alive) @hiendiep55(Alive) @FredMCGamer(Alive) @DuallyElemental(Alive) Other skins submitted (zombies/ background character): @Rawami (???) @BaconSandwich(???) @MineRig(???) @iZestyLIVE(???) @Bronze(???) and if you are curious about "fright" here's the summery below sorry if the summery is little : / EDIT: i fixed the summery P.s. If any of the main characters die, there is a chance that it will replace the main character (either dead or missing) with the background characters
  14. There was a small earthquake in here a while ago 😓 luckily its over now

    1. xXsentienXx


      we have a earthquake but yeah glad its over

  15. Thats what im actually bothered when i finished exporting, it moves back and fourth too much tbh. Thanks for your criticism
  16. ye Constructive criticisms are always welcome
  17. I havent draw something for few weeks, i tried to draw something today and this is the results (a sketch /w color )



    i would give it a meh : P

    1. jakubg1


      You drew the lips from the side, while the real mouth "hole" "starts" "later", making it look weird (2 mouths?).

  18. nope its made by "sahnz animation" : P
  19. Most of the monster school animators (except ghostblock) makes lazy animation because they are doing quantity over quality and Its also unoriginal. And yes its for "kids" but i kept seeing monster school thumbnail that has a censor of girls which is inappropriate. And if you notice in most monster school animation, it had a lot of ads. So if you want to make monster school animation, your animation must have full effort and good quality. And dont add too much ads.
  20. umm... im thinking about changing my name, but i dont know how. can someone help me?  😕

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    2. Ghatos


      Didn't Emunator left?

    3. 9redwoods


      message tdit or someone

    4. DuallyElemental


      Tdit's in charge of name changes now, just PM him and ask him to change your name to something else

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