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  1. Importing your skin to my animation for my bday Soo... does anyone want to be in my animation for my birthday? just type your minecraft name or send me a link of your skin (or send me a rig of your skin) and pick your role below (only 6 out of 7 right now!): 1 dude at home- @GamingQuick 1 dude at the store (had one curse word but it will be censored)- 2 random person at the store- @Toybonne , @BaconSandwich 3 guest's at party- @Ghatos, @TheJeweledWolf, @Fray and if your curious what my animation will it be... l l v Feel free to participate : D (and i hope i'm able to finish this animation before my birthday :'') ) Birth date: feb 23
  2. Rigid_Dash

    Worst day of my life

    im sorry for your loss @xXsentienXx, get well soon!
  3. Rigid_Dash

    A List of my old Animations

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  4. A random animation :] a link that i mentioned: edit: sorry for having a crappy screen recording
  5. Rigid_Dash

    "Wat, no" animation+ message

    Ok! Thanks for participating Thanks!
  6. Rigid_Dash

    Physic test #1

    If you want to make a falling animation, at the start it moves a bit slow and after that it becomes faster. But its not bad, the falling part is the only problem
  7. Rigid_Dash


    Please add a picture of your rig, because i don't think anyone would download without knowing what it looks like (that's a fact)
  8. Rigid_Dash

    Intro Destroyer : The Void Verse.

    really interesting...
  9. Rigid_Dash

    Soundtrack for Fight

    i think he's trying to say that he needs a good fighting sound effect (or music) for his animation film
  10. Rigid_Dash

    Manga Head 2

    its a boy right? you shouldn't add the lashes. they add lashes to girls for make up. kinda like this: girl eyes ---> credits to google and you forgot to add the eyebrows. you should also know where you should place your ears because its a bit awkward But great art anyway hope you can be better
  11. Rigid_Dash

    Avengers: Endgame Trailer Recreation Teaser

    woah thats amazing, cant wait to watch the full animation
  12. my first fighting animation : P (just for practice?) i hope you enjoy!
  13. Rigid_Dash

    Random fight animation (not finished)

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Yeah noticed the hair glitch bit i dont want to re edit it because the export took me below 20 min and i had no time to do it but thanks for telling me :D
  14. Should i make a collab for this new year? 'cause im not sure :P

  15. If there are some problems in my animation, please criticize so that i can improve my animations in the future.

  16. I already posted this in october 31, 2018 :] WARNING: BLOODY AND GORE Enjoy! ? Dont forge to visit my channel to like this video if you enjoy and subscribe for more
  17. Rigid_Dash


    This is hilarious XD i love it ?
  18. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ well, google said that its an extreme emotion of anger. ? And im in a humorous Universe :]
  19. Rigid_Dash

    Extreme Forum Make-over

    I like this idea
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