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  1. 1.2.5 dropped!? You know I gotta make some stuff using the new features.

    1. DragonPixel
    2. ShotUAnimations


      That can be used as like getting shot if you bring up the speed of the effects.

    3. DragonPixel


      oh..... I was just thinking of using it for comedic purposes lol

  2. Now you see here Hozq, this is something that is very useful.
  3. Pretty good, but I don't think the character should have some glow.
  4. Water texture should match with the blocks. Since the blocks are the default Minecraft textures the water should have Minecraft's default textures as well to keep same pixel resolution and consistency.
  5. I don't think that's how jaws work...
  6. Perfectly modeled, as all things should be.
  7. And that's how Steve died.
  8. ShotUAnimations

    DFR V1

    Not bad man, I had to actually take a good long look at it as it's very close to SFR.
  9. Lack of textures, circles, should fit with Minecraft's pixelated/voxel style.
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