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  1. did someone said quacc

    1. Cubic Ralsei
    2. Bronze


      i have a toy knife yes

  2. im dying inside halp

    1. Rawami


      I have something for you...

      I got it from the longs adventure I've made in this dangerous world...


    2. Bronze
  3. Ya have any rig ideas?

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    2. Bronze


      Sorry couldn't do the rigs cuz my old pc has burned and i was waiting for new one, it has arrived yesterday so i can make them now

    3. Minealif


      Wait how you're PC got burned?

    4. Bronze


      I played PayDay too much, vent stopped working and it didn't wanted to start up or anything

  4. dirt is eating girls legs o no
  5. Hello there people! I made WeaponSmith Villager rig from Village and Pillage Update Enjoy! Hope ya liked it, and i REALLY hope you liked it, this rig took me one day to make, all that messing with textures and restoring them. Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/kpxo71tndtc6tc7/WeaponSmith+Rig.rar
  6. Bronze

    DooM / Retro Imp Rig

    Yes i needed to paste here the doom logo Features: well anyway welcum! Here's da doom rig Retro Imp: Mouth Tuturial Blur Eyes Tuturial So that's it, Hope you enjoyed! Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/386lju393uctn3a/Retro+Imp+Rig.rar
  7. i just forgot to say that chains is in a pickle
  8. your high class muscles order is done
  9. o no i just lost a follower

    1. Ghatos


      I now follow you 😄

    2. Bronze
    3. crustyjpeg


      followers are stalkers

  10. So ye i made a doom rig based on Imp from the old Doom if you have any ideas how to improve it please tell me and... i would like to know in what time you would like to see this rig released
  11. is making doom rig an good idea?

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    2. Bronze



      the retro one

    3. trapbuilder2


      I think that would look pretty cool in an MC setting

    4. Dannyboi


      Hell yeah, something to rip and tear.

  12. pixel style is the best
  14. Bronze

    pikachu rig

    Not bad
  15. Bronze

    Terraria Nettle Burst

    noooo not yet you uploaded it too fast
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