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    DooM / Retro Imp Rig

    Yes i needed to paste here the doom logo Features: well anyway welcum! Here's da doom rig Retro Imp: Mouth Tuturial Blur Eyes Tuturial So that's it, Hope you enjoyed! Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/386lju393uctn3a/Retro+Imp+Rig.rar
  2. i just forgot to say that chains is in a pickle
  3. your high class muscles order is done
  4. o no i just lost a follower

    1. Ghatos


      I now follow you ­čśä

    2. Bronze
    3. crustyjpeg


      followers are stalkers

  5. So ye i made a doom rig based on Imp from the old Doom if you have any ideas how to improve it please tell me and... i would like to know in what time you would like to see this rig released
  6. is making doom rig an good idea?

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    2. Bronze



      the retro one

    3. trapbuilder2


      I think that would look pretty cool in an MC setting

    4. Dannyboi


      Hell yeah, something to rip and tear.

  7. pixel style is the best
  9. Bronze

    pikachu rig

    Not bad
  10. Bronze

    Terraria Nettle Burst

    noooo not yet you uploaded it too fast
  11. Bronze

    The Witch

    The first thing that i thought when i saw that was Slamacow no idea why
  12. I like ur new pfp

    1. Ghatos


      Thanks me, I'm the one who gives him that idea :D

    2. Bronze


      bless god ghatos

  13. Hello again! Today i made sum random wallpapers and stuff just look at them More Ships Version One Ship Version Info The more ships version may look worse cause my laptop has began lagging Hope you liked this stuff u can download it if u want or whatever
  14. Bronze

    Terraria Jungle Bat

    Hello everyone! It's me again yeeey... Terraria rig pack: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/74899-terraria-rig-pack/ Oke anyways here's da rig Jungle Bat Jungle Bat Banner Eye Color Tutorial So it would be all, hope you enjoyed it! Download: Jungle Bat: http://www.mediafire.com/file/485z9a8u2e7cfc9/Jungle+Bat+Rig.rar Banner: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6s9ur99pnu20qk9/Jungle+Bat+Banner.rar
  15. Can someone help me mentally and give me an animation idea

    1. Cubic Ralsei
    2. SuperNerdNathan


      Create an animation about an alien invasion, but all the aliens are giant bananas with just legs (No arms though). Then everyone finds out that if you try to eat them you get poisoned, and die from too much potassium, so then everyone has to incinerate them in a planet sized tub of acid to win. 

  16. and they both died, the end but srsly now, this is awesome dude
  17. Army of quacks fighting with other quacks Thank you for showing me such a masterpiece of music (mine-imator forums stop connecting my replies to each other)
  18. wait so did the other guy throw his eyes at river or he did it himself
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