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  1. Thanks for all the adivce. Please continue to say thinggsbI can do. I am very grateful for all of you commented.
  2. Hey people of the Internet! Now I’m NOT typing to plug my Youtube channel, but check it out and please tell me what I could improve. It will be greatly appreciated and I will give you a shoutout if is a response I like. Im not picky about that kind of stuff. (My YouTube link is https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCX_lEk6Ba3UTBbWPNFBKMjg ) Don’t be shy I can take whatever y’all have to say as long as it’s appropriate! I also need video ideas!!! Anything (minus the list below) helps! Videos I will no do: Mod, texture pack, reasource pack, or server showcases Thank you sooo much!
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