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  1. K, cool. It will take weeks, rarely days. a subway car is much much easier, than again i don't think people rly like subways
  2. Yeah, Just take these trucks/bogies for example, simple. that i made btw
  3. This would probably take weeks, round is easier for me, i can do blocky it would just take a while, but i hate to let down people so we will do what you want.
  4. I'll make any train you want, fiction, or real life. Tell me if you want it blocky or real shaped.
  5. The download is invalid. i would make my own, only problem is i don't know how to model hair like that.
  6. I just realized the download doesn't have the train in it. weird, and i could've sworn i compressed the files in a zip. ugh. it was a crap model anyway. i'll try to rebuild the wheels, i'm just using the circle shape and blocks.
  7. I think they're kinda like that in real life, well i've seen a few models with those size of wheels, you guys do have permission to edit if you want.
  8. I know rigs are supposed but this is for fun. I created the 5000 series in Mine imator, you can add as many cars as you like. but it MIGHT get laggy (the train kinda looks crappy but that's because i only did the exterior. When i have time and energy, i will update it. If this train doesn't ring a bell in real life here it is. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14ScbS-b22WzzbeqhmwTiYe86TNEM7LHu FAQ Q: Why were you gone for a while? A: my Laptop was broken for about like 6 months so i got a new one, the new one was slow,so i got another one...again Q: Why did you make this, why isn't it blocky A: this was just for one because i was bored, i know this is supposed to be blocky, so mods please don't take this down. Peace.
  9. everyones just happy cuz sharp bends are bacK XD
  10. .. Kinda. except some things may not be EXACT.
  11. I wasn't sure where to post it, so i just posted this in the same place the last guy posted his theme, This is a dark cinema 4D Related scene, kinda like community edition. since the download link to them is broken i just made my own close to both, or something. Download :https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zkSWie1fIyaT40FMeyBGaEzHOQH3RDY9
  12. Blender is too hard for me, i use Cinema 4D i extracted the models in 3ds max and saved them as obj problem is i dont know how to RIG them
  13. problem is too bad we can't import the models from the game into here, we cant even convert or use D3DMeshes :-I
  14. no no i'm just saying, try and make a really really detailed MCSM rig because i have the arms and everything like the game
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