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  1. Hello to everyone. Today I have adapted the Indian national anthem, Jana Gana Mana, as a Minecraft animation. You can see all the characters from the religious cult of Hindustinan to Mahatma Gandhi in the animation. Already good looking, do not forget to subscribe to channel.
  2. Hello there. I adapted the Chinese national volunteer march as a minecraft animation. I translated it by using some sources in Chinese and English translation. Do not subscribe to Azrak and remember to like the video. Thank you for watching. Take care of yourself
  3. Hello there. Today I have adapted the Albanian national anthem, Himni i Flamurit, as Minecraft Animation. You can listen to the national anthem of albania and watch animation. Albanian and English translated by certain sources. If there is a mistake, do not look at it. Thank you. Do not forget to subscribe. ------------- Subscribe to Azrak now!:
  4. VIDEO Hello friends. Today I adapted the National Surood, the national anthem of Afghanistan, as an animation of Minecrat. Maybe if you take a look, I'd like to have a good look. Thank you Go to this playlist to watch all other National Anthems: GO Subscribe to Azrak now: SUB
  5. Lucifer a shocking upset of the series finale we say goodbye to viewers screens. I hope the series continues maybe. I now have an alternate ending I made. it's a nice watch.
  6. I am open to your views and suggestions.
  7. azrak

    God of war 4

    click If you comment on my first 33 seconds minecraft animations, I am delighted.
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