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  1. it is very easy to do just create a camera and the plate do not remember the name and choose the texture of the camera now put the camera in front of the plate and the mirror is ready
  2. I do not post the animation itself because of the fact that this is a parody on the video of “Сыендук”, that is, Russian YouTube, and I am too lazy to do subtitles sorry Yes, I myself am Russian
  3. use subtitles this russian meme
  4. Lakamfo

    Hello World

    Да, этой простой анимации не нужно спамить тему
  5. Nimi Is it possible to transfer the mine-imator to another engine, for example Unreal Engine 4?

    1. Nimi


      Yes, but it would be pretty difficult due to how Mine-imator is set up with all of GameMaker's built-in functions and keywords.

    2. Lakamfo


      It would be cool to see the mine-imator on the engine Unreal Enginе While looking at what projects are made on this engine, it can be said that the mine-imator will be the simplest program and at the same time very good in the type of graphics we hope that you will someday do on the new engine Unreal Engine or you will put the code in open access so that other people could remake it xD
      On this engine you can divide beautiful animations if you look at the fact that people make games this is a very cool engine


    3. Rollo


      We can't just move it to another engine easily. Mine-imator isn't written in a common and reusable programming language, like C++. In that case it would be a lot easier but Mine-imator is written in GameMaker's exclusive language, GML. If Unity or Unreal were to have GML functionality, it would be possible. Well, it's always possible it would just mean a lot of time-consuming converting and rewriting.

  6. I could not find a suitable skin?
  7. blood is easy to add during installation -_-
  8. When you change the design of the program
    1. Dannyboi


      change design of program very complicated and not hapening for longe time

  9. Gif русский Мне не хватает одной очень полезной функции, позволяющей делать легко 3D волосы браслеты English I lack one very useful function, allowing to make easy 3D hair bracelets
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