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  1. When you change the design of the program
    1. Dannyboi


      change design of program very complicated and not hapening for longe time

  2. Gif русский Мне не хватает одной очень полезной функции, позволяющей делать легко 3D волосы браслеты English I lack one very useful function, allowing to make easy 3D hair bracelets
  3. "the guy from the future"

  4. Third my animations

    Мой кулачный клип в шахматоре 1.1.4 Видео
  5. Hello is my first post ok?:steve_joyous:

    1. SkythecreeperCS


      Yep, welcome to Mine Imayor Forums


      Little tip: don't post fad

      Fad here =F N A F

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