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  1. Just check the tags under the title xP the dog is Colin
  2. I never told anyone the whole purpose behind my comics, so I figured now would be a better time than ever to do so.

    I want to tell a story. Yes, good lighting would help, but I don't want the lighting and other things to detract from the story itself. I mean, c'mon, 15 comments arguing about the brightness? I would rather have 1 comment about the comic itself, and the characters or story or something, instead of what happened tonight. As a comic creator, I get joy when people come up with predictions, or react to a certain character in the comic, etc. Like the teaser, people made predictons, which made me very happy.

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    2. Hagus


      Thanks. I will be sure to brighten up the next one.

    3. 9redwoods


      The better the lighting, the less distracting it is to the viewer, and ultimately they will be more invested in the story.

    4. __Mine__


      That's the thing though. If the scene is too dark, people can't make anything out and therefore cannot see the story you're trying to tell.

      Lighting matters. It helps set the mood of the scene. It's one of the fundamental parts of telling a great story.

  3. Let's see what my content to rep ratio is for fun

    Welp that was higher than i expected


  4. My solution was to use an model with multiple folders on each arm or leg or whatever limb you wanted to move, so even if it happened, you still had other folders to move normally. Idk if this makes any sense or not.
  5. This is coming out on Monday, but since it's already done, might as well give everyone a teaser, since I have nothing else better to do xP
  6. Jeez Nexil, you’re inspiring a lot of people.

    1. jakubg1



      I'm curious when a first computer dies or gets on fire while attempting to recreate his wallpaper xD

    2. Dr. Nexil

      Dr. Nexil

      Awesome! (not computers dying, but inspiring people)

  7. Until I can get a reliable way to make it into comic form, I'm going back to the old way. This is the official start of Chapter 2, taking place after the events of Party Crashers.
  8. Here's some progress on the Western Animation:


    Obviously there are a few things wrong here:

    1. No skins

    b. Default Lighting

    4c: Unfinished Posing

    eight: Missing Bartender


    But yeah I'm working on it, figured I should prove it.

  9. Just curious if anyone else does this.

    Does anyone get hit emotionally by certain songs? American Soldier is one of those. When I hear it I normally just start thinking about things, and I become very calm. Sometimes I think about my uncle or other military family members. Idk it’s just a song that calms me down and I wondered if anyone else has a song like that.

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    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      bf1 zajdi zajdi intensifies

    3. DuallyElemental


      It depends, like I know C418’s Haggstorm really hits me with nostalgia

      The only “song” that I can really feel is Lucky Chops’ Danza 2016 performance. There’s something about the beginning of it that sounds really nice to me, and they play with contagious enthusiasm

    4. Alkaide


      A song that really hits me is Reverie - Illenium (ft. King Deco). Just by listening to it, I can really feel a burst of escapade and the feeling of being free for a moment. Sometimes emotional. It depends with what tune and music fits your taste, and what really hits you most.

  10. I have officially been on the forums for one year! I had a plan to make something, but idk if I will have time today. Anyway I just wanna say thanks to everyone, for being an accepting community (at least to me) and helping me get to where I am. I mean, looking from tong first animation to the one I’m working on now, I’d say I’ve improved a tremendous amount. And 888 rep in on year, that makes me very happy. If you would’ve told me a year ago I’d have that much rep, I wouldn’t have believed you.

    Im proud of nearly every creation I do, because it’s helped me get better and get closer to becoming actually good at Mine-imator and animation itself. And I realize that I have brought some things here that people don’t see much of, like the comic, so I’m also happy I can come up with somewhat original ideas. 

    And yeah there have been a some flops (Reset series) and some really surprising successes. It’s just so hard to believe that I have been using Mine-imator for an entire year. It really hasn’t felt like it. And if I would’ve never used it, I would not have met some of the people I am close friends with now. So thank you to those friends, and anyone else who has helped me along the way.

    I think I’ve rambled on long enough at this point. I don’t know if one year is actually a big momentous occasion, but hey, it feels big to me. I might post something later related to this, but in case I don’t, thank you one last time, and uh, hopefully things only go up from here!

    1. Fray


      Ayeeee :3

    2. EmberWing


      Am I counted as one of your close friends? 😂



      Congrats. I have no clue how many months/years I’ve been here .-.

      Edit: Nevermind. I’ve been here for a year and 2 1/2 months

    3. TheJeweledWolf


      Congrats I guess xD 

  11. Ok so if you're gonna give a lot of effort into this, then go for it. There is no point in being afraid of getting downvoted if you are gonna put effort into it. If it looks good, then I don't think many people will downvote it. If they do, well then they really should've just skipped the topic. Just keep that in mind and maybe don't stick to the cliche things monster school does.
  12. You see this contact lens Flint Lockwood? This contact lens represents me. And my eye represents my eye. I got my eye on you.
  13. I started the Western Project. Just based on progress so far, it might be a while. But hey, at least you know it's gonna be high quality!

    1. DuallyElemental


      dark pit??
      gj man, can't wait!

  14. Just open it in a new tab, or zoom in
  15. I tried making it bigger, but if it got any bigger it would break my computer. Also I'm trying to keep some secrecy here, so yeah. You can also see their silhouettes.
  16. Hey you there
    Why don't you get your Spanish lesson done?
    Don't seem to do the trick on anyone
    How many times do I have to burn it in your brain?

    Hola amigo (hello friend)
    It's been a little over 24 hours
    I know you're busy
    But you underestimate my pow'r

    Don't let the karma creep up on you
    Hacer la leccion (do the lesson)
    You don't know what I can do
    We can have a little fun

    Hey you there
    I think you better get it over with before
    𝙄 𝙚𝙣𝙙 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙛𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙡𝙮
    I have them locked up in a tower
    En el piso más alto (on the highest floor)

    It didn't have to come to this
    You only had to run the app

    Oh, look at you, so eager now!
    Such an open book!
    So finish what you started now
    You're not quite off the hook

    Una pregunta 
    Hope you get it right
    Everything you love is on the line...

    All you needed was a little push!
    ¡Todo lo que necesitabas era un pequeño empujón! (All you needed was a little push!)

    Hey you there
    Look at you, you got your Spanish lesson done
    I guess they won't do the trick on anyone

    1. Ghatos
    2. WAZZL3



      But im learning Japanese 

    3. EmberWing


      Starts running

      "i DID oNe YeSTerDAyyyyYYYY!!!"

  17. More concept art! I'm trying to establish a style and theme before starting this. According to the poll, an amazing 18-0 unanimous vote wants this to be an animation! I will get started with this soon, for now, enjoy another render.
  18. Oh I’m so sorry! I’ll change that right now . And thanks!
  19. Some concept art for an animation I am thinking about doing. Please vote in the poll. Credits: @9redwoodsfor the guns, @mbandersfor the hats, and @Dr. Nexil for the scarf
  20. In case you missed it, I am still singing


  21. This is by far some of the best criticism I have ever recieved. I wish people would do it like this more, even if it isn't as detailed as you did it, but holy crap it was good.
  22. Uh if a place was settled they wouldn't have all sand ground. And if you've ever seen a western desert, I don't recall seeing very many hills.
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