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  1. And I've left for some time again, been too busy with school. I probably won't come on here for a while.

  2. So, I haven't gone on this site in forever. Have I missed anything?

  3. So my friend asked if I could animate a Fortnite dance in Mine-imator. What dance looks good but is easy to animate?

  4. Do you really have the best graphics card in town?

  5. Before I saw what this actually means. I thought it meant a version of Mine-imator which works right in your browser. However, more collaboration is a good idea.
  6. Can we not. It looks good, but can we not.
  7. Hype! Also, I just had a play around with some of the stuff and I made a small wallpaper to show off some features. Edit: I am actually SO happy the old bending is back. Now finger rigs can look less stupid!
  8. If you guys don't follow the Mine-imator Twitter account, there will be a.... demo? of 1.2 which you can try in about 3 days and also, keyframe transitions can now be applied by right clicking a keyframe and a little window pops up. Hype!

    1. jakubg1


      I think most of us already know that, David posted a status update with a link to that post.

    2. StarFX


      little late buddy

  9. To be fair, this guy is getting better with his animation skills. We're slowly seeing more bodily movement and the only complaints I have is to improve the lip sync a little, use some transitions for the body movement and try to watch some lighting tutorials. Overall, you're getting better.
  10. OK, so you have to give this guy credit. He is improving. Edit: His rigging skills are also clearly improving.
  11. b2654fc3c84ab34ffebcf0d729700249.png

    Nice one. :steve_lol:

  12. OK, I'm in. But what does the resolution and fps of the video have to be?
  13. Yeah, I guess that's kind of true, but it would still be really cool. It's also possible in Blender and similar programs.
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