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    i like wolves, dont judge me. ;-; <-- cry face
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  1. Wolf_Animator

    Sorry... GM is cancelled...

    I’m just glad it doesn’t say CS. (WHERES CS YOU SAID EPISODE 4 WAS COMING SOON 5 DAYS AGO)
  2. Wolf_Animator

    The First ever animation i made

    Better than my first one.
  3. Wolf_Animator

    Sorry... GM is cancelled...

  4. Wolf_Animator

    An Hour Wasted.

    That was my video that got taken down. It took me a long time to make this animation and by the time I was done I forgot who made the glider. I’m sorry for this, I hope you accept my apology. :(
  5. Wolf_Animator

    I need a rig (pls?)

    that actually looks a lot like it but without the electric stuff and i need a moving mouth and eyes
  6. Wolf_Animator

    I need a rig (pls?)

    HELP! I NEED A RIG!!! Okay. I need a rig of my icon. (LARGE IMAGE) If you didn't already know, it's a wolf. (duh) I tried to re-create it, but it looked so generic that it should be in Garry's Mod. If you can, I need it to be a rig where he can move his mouth and eyes. If you're up for the challenge, then.... well idk just do it if you can/want. EDIT: Don't do the electricity things, and just do normal eyes with purple irises.
  7. Wolf_Animator

    Send your skins! (ONLY 1 REQUEST LEFT)

    Me too???
  8. If I tried to re-create this it would look generic as heck
  9. Just practicing particles and transitions. And maybe music.
  10. Wolf_Animator

    Codename Survival - Episode 3

    The series has a LOT of potential!
  11. Wolf_Animator

    Codename Survival - Episode 3

    wheres me ;-;
  12. All these M's wats rong witchu
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