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  1. TomDudeGamer

    Colored SHEEP!

    i need colored sheep. PLZZZ. PINK GREEN YELLOW AND THEM ALL!!!
  2. TomDudeGamer

    Alex at the Nether!

    It's depth of field! focused on alex!!!
  3. TomDudeGamer

    can't import scenery!

    when I select some scenery and I press done and I press create... IT SHOWS NOTHING! it's there on the timeline but when I click it... I m selecting nothing! all I see are the x y and z arrows1 HELP!!! WHAT DO I DO!!!!
  4. TomDudeGamer

    Alex at the Nether!

    will she survive??? nope...
  5. TomDudeGamer

    Man with a sword!

  6. TomDudeGamer

    Man with a sword!

    Thanks man!!
  7. TomDudeGamer


    ok... THANKS!
  8. TomDudeGamer


    who likes cake???
  9. TomDudeGamer

    Man with a sword!

  10. TomDudeGamer

    Herobrine is coming...

    so this is Herobrine walking out of a portal! magma wherever he steps and he has some kind of magic he is holding... yea looks cool! spent 40 mins on lighting too ;p
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