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  1. What portal technology though? Black mesa? Aperture? Or what?
  2. wooosh for the kuda shaders
  3. im working on my first music video (btw no it won't be a fanmade one, and the song won't be made by me, i'll put credits.)

  4. wierd hair bands, flying by eyes, glitching hair, unnaturally stopping breathing but overall nice
  5. pretty good, but lighting is quite boring and non translucent leaves btw did you create the kuda shaders?
  6. lighting is quite bland but good work also in some moments the faces look wierd and creepy
  7. i hate when people do that eye bleeding thing, it just looks wierd and it's pretty overdone but fine animation i guess
  8. conflicting texture resolutions, boring posing, wierd wing thingy and no visual effects at all except exaggerated fog or something.
  9. For some reason this looks like it's been made on a mine imator version like 1.0.6 but nice for a beginner.
  10. unknown.png

    wrong face pose

    1. Ghatos


      Time to do a meme from that




  11. he does not blink and he is dead inside after picking up the gun also LINEAR TRANSITIONS
  12. w-why is this getting back memories from 2013
  13. Top 10 perfectly cut screams
  14. did you change the color of the eyes or the surfaces? if it was with the surfaces scale the surfaces down and you will have a glint
  15. please do your own lighting, using someone's lightroom is pretty dumb and lazy..
  16. put the mix percent to 100% and put the mix color to white
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