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  1. Rain in movies etc looks good but in real life it's just dark dots on the ground.

    1. Swift


      That is incorrect.

    2. HeYoNia


      You must have something wrong with your eyes because


      I see beautiful ripples when raining.

    3. OzFalcon


      Movie rain is created by practically drowning your actors with a flooding of water, just so it's visible on camera.

  2. (curved mouths and eyes were actually possible in 1.0.6 and older with the alpha glitch and stuff, it's not a feature.) Here's the major things MI added: Body part twisting, light bleeding, bloom, dirt lens, glow, brokeh DOF, color correction, keyframable text, camera shake, custom biome colors, story mode clouds, models (.json resource pack models and models made with the Modelbench program which is made specifically for mine imator), no number limits, default yellow sunlight and blue-ish shadows, auto updater for MC content, block/object types and many, many more.
  3. How to Community build bloom 101
  4. Discord servers in a nutshell: Top 10 anime aggressive arguments that'll never end

    1. Aeolyx
    2. ThatGuyBrian


      apandah's video on discord sums it up pretty well. you got weebs, eboys and egirls, people who think their sexuality or their mental state is a personality, people who have no life outside of gaming, and people who think being as offensive as possible is peak comedy

      if you're not there to vent, game, watch anime, or partake in the more uncouth artforms, then you're more likely than not to be lonely, outspoken, or outnumbered.

  5. I'd call this render "Illageropolis"
  6. Mine-imator is more addicting than Fortnite

    1. Ghatos


      to be honest, when I have homework, I prefer to go on Mine Imator

    2. 9redwoods


      Fortnite is gay. Mine-imator is perfect for every gender. 

    3. Ghatos


      How dare you say that fortnite is gay???

      You're insulting homosexuals >:c

  7. I think he means like pressing spacebar doesn't keep the marker as where it was
  8. Markus Persson, remember the name!
  9. Minecraft: gets purchased by microsoft

    Microsoft: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

    1. Keep on Chucking

      Keep on Chucking

      Well if you look at how it's gone, they've actually saved the game because if notch would still own it it would've still been owned by a neckbeard niceguy who rants about politics and women on twitter.

  10. you should've put tropical trees, a synthwave sun and a yellow-purple sky
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