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  1. Hey! Anybody want something like this? soemthighn.png

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    2. Crafting_Ninja27


      Small little wallpaper test.

    3. DuallyElemental


      it's definitely got the potential to look nice! I'd say to check in with someone like 9redwoods to help you get all the buggy looking parts out of the way

    4. Crafting_Ninja27
  2. Um. How 2 Become Good Animates?!?!?! SomeOne Please I Need A Tutorial










    1. Frost*


      You got me scared.

  3. Here it is! I'll send an image.
  4. well, happy, wait no not happy, um, welcome to September 11th, i wanna know, where were you at the time of the attacks?

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    2. crustyjpeg


      Wasn't born yet

    3. ThatRobloxerGamerYT
    4. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Wasn’t born yet. But my 1 of my sister’s was. The other one was a fetus

  5. also, here's my discord, DM me to join. Just Ninja#4142 (it's discord) Uno reverse.
  6. This is my collab. there is no deadline, it's not really a collab. I'm using this put together a team. Help me recreate this
  7. It's been a good time. (well, a decent time.) Bye everyone. I might be back sometime soon.

  8. No jk. Lol. It's Spring_Bonnie_Man in the files.
  9. very good fad lightroom! Wish I could make things this good.
  10. No, you'd do something else. (I think) Yes! Taco's and Pizza. Because I exist. Birthdays not until October, lol. I am a person, who animates and stuff like that. (Btw, i didn't expect so many questions. So i'm not doing anymore pictures.)
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