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  1. Can someone give me the link? It says it's broken.
  2. Well, I'm not the best.... But, I tried something. Fringe lets me do some weird stuff. ______________________________________________ Yeah, IDK. CRAP!
  3. He doesn't use this, but I was trying to edit, and he kinda guided me through what to do. I then ended up with this.
  4. @EthanForeverAlone and @Davi12345, gave me their skins. So I used them. @Chono! for the finger/glove rig.
  5. Hi, I'm making a wallpaper and need two skins. Boy or girl. If you could send them or tell me the username that would be great! Thanks!
  6. So, yeah... I made facial stuff, and y'know.https://giphy.com/gifs/9xm2J0ifdbbBhDFTwS/embed Idk how to embed in Giphy.
  7. have you ever tried, wait for it! Blender.

    I'm saying this because, well... I might be leaving the forums

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    2. jakubg1


      I've tried that mixer and I'm fully moving to it since 2019.

      Advice for other users: wait for Blender 2.8 release. It'll be released soon (early 2019), and almost all controls will be different.

    3. FredMCGamer


      I've tried blender (only for the fad models :V) and I did some good wallpapers but, my computer can't handle animations or hgih resolution images. It does support a big amount but then it just crashes. Don't get me wrong Blender is an incredible program, I used it before knowing that Mine Imator existed. Still I'm glad I sticked with Mine Imator since it's easier to use, it might be missing some minor stuff but I don't have such a problem with that. I also like that the creator's of the forums and the programs are in contact with the community. :)

    4. Crafting_Ninja27


      Well im still here so, I guess Im alive?

  8. Great Dude! Love it, could use some easy lighting here and there.
  9. Hey dude! Glad you got Survival part 1 remade. what was I gonna say..? Oh yeah! have you ever tried, wait for it! Blender.

    I'm saying this because, well... I might be leaving the forums. Im messaging this to you cus, I could relate with how hard it is to animate. You can tell other people if you want.

    1. Hagus


      Well, Im sorry to hear you might leave, but if you do, I wish you luck on your endeavors. And yeah animating is difficult, even if other people don't think so. If you want, you can send your skin and I'll put you in the series.

    2. Crafting_Ninja27


      alright thanks dude!

      here i'll send it


  10. So, I was looking around at some animation tut's and found a blinking one, well a facial expression one, and thought heck yeah. So then I made this.(please work vimeo) https://vimeo.com/301495056
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