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  1. Had to try this out and really found this cool! Made an animation about bee fly cycle and thought why not try this!!!
  2. Thanks for the advice! I'll be sure to try my best to do that!
  3. Just trying to test out the bee walk cycle (well... Fly cycle)
  4. Just a goofy video! Hope you've enjoyed it!
  5. Hey guys! Let me know on the YouTube comments on what you thought? Also let me know what you'd like to see next! I am working on doing some cinematics with Mine-Imator! So keep an eye on that!
  6. So I just made this video to show the end of my SMP series! I really hope that you guys enjoy it and perhaps even go back and watch what I've done throughout the series! It was a lot of fun and a lot of good memories!
  7. /give @p minecraft:diamond_pickaxe{Unbreakable:100,Enchantments:[{id:fortune,lvl:1000000000}]}
  9. Just had to make a video like this! I knew that he's coming back to MC and I wanted to prank him a little and make him think that it actually was how MC was now lol! HOOK... LINE... AND SINKER!
  10. I do animate! I've already posted a couple of animations as it is, and my profile picture was made by myself! Yes I post a lot of gaming things but I do animate as well! I just like to focus on my gameplay more as I'm still learning. Okay
  11. You guys vote on who you think won! Can't wait to see what you guys think!
  12. Join along and vote who you think in this video who has the best gingerbread house! And if you enjoyed the video! Press that subscribe button there
  13. Just a parody of a BOOMER playing Minecraft, how you doing?
  14. I hope you enjoyed this video! Also I know how critical the comments are here! So I will let everyone know before... THIS IS A DAMN PARODY!!!
  15. This is an Unfair Minecraft Map - I hope that you enjoy this video! I've actually donated to #TeamTrees to plant a tree! Watch this video and perhaps donate a tree too! Maybe perhaps even subscribe!?
  16. I wasn't really focusing on the movements, made that quickly as the test was more around the camera and the lighting Haha yeah sorry about that! Was focusing on the lighting and camera work. Not much on the animation part! Just quickly made that so I can at least follow something
  17. Let me know your thoughts... Also! I did mean to make it a little more blurry for the setting!
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