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  1. I looked over the error log again and discovered its probably just something to do with the banner i had set up which had a pattern on it cause other parts of that map worked when imported
  2. I didn't say the F*** You. My account was hacked.

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      Instead of being pissed off, maybe you should contact a mod.

    4. thatkidyt
  3. Hello i was using mineimator and was importing an object from my creative build world (just some background info the world was generated in 1.10) and it crashed the error it gave me is pasted in the spoiler and ill paste the log in another spoiler Thank you and respond as soon as possible
  4. where is the shutup button when you need it most
  5. Anime style? hmm and yeah this isnt in the intro did you have final thoughts and change it last minute? Or perhaps just made it so you wouldn't spoil the intro
  6. Needs more go commit die a little dark for a desktop background/art
  7. OMG SO GOOD If possible can you make the PHYS gun aswell?
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