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  1. I used ease in and out. any suggestions for transitions that would work better?
  2. https://youtu.be/XpZqUyG_DBk https://youtu.be/rJeo2YEl8xs I need feedback on these Please do constructive criticism thank you.
  3. Lol im not that good unfortunately.
  4. Me be jealous of how good dis builted
  5. Will it be possible to add custom colors to the GUI like in mineimator?
  6. You ever just wanna go on a hiatus but you cant because your to addicted to mineimator?


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    2. MSDOS


      Wait your telling me people dont get addicted to animation programs?

    3. Slime
    4. MSDOS
  7. Theres a sub to pewdiepie font I belive
  8. Right off the bat I know this is a joke ok! Ah yes if we could do that why didnt dinnerbone just do 5000=true or minecraft-2=true
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