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  1. No problem!!! I'll be sure to check it out when its finished
  2. Its a unique rig that's for sure, It could be used in some kind of olden day gallifrey animation, maybe something with the time war? and its hard to detail, so well one for creating it
  3. DrAwesome

    Steampunk Skeleton's emporium terraformium! (Reborn)

    The scene I'm planning is a large fight, so I'll need quite a large schematic about 100 by 100 and just tall enough to have the volcanos anf you can take a bit of time I won't need for a while if it's okay with you I might need some more schematics of your world I'm planning a small series so might do some requests if this isn't okay just let me know
  4. DrAwesome

    Cataphrysm Basin [4k] [DUMP]

    Once again thanks for making this for me
  5. DrAwesome

    Steampunk Skeleton's emporium terraformium! (Reborn)

    WOW this amazing THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! BTW wheres the download? also i dont actually have a minecraft account or game
  6. DrAwesome

    Steampunk Skeleton's emporium terraformium! (Reborn)

    that sounds about right but no tower also i cant seem to upload your worlds into mine-imator any ideas why
  7. Hey Creeper


  8. DrAwesome

    The Titan warrior [Warning : HUGE!!]

    Two Words (and a picture)
  9. DrAwesome

    Steampunk Skeleton's emporium terraformium! (Reborn)

    If your doing requests could make like a lava and fire place kinda like mordor from the lord of the rings THX :3
  10. DrAwesome

    Rigging mods!

    Basing it off the pic you had, could you please create like advanced technology looking things, I'm trying to create a lab and I suck at rigging, if you could I would be extremely grateful thx
  11. DrAwesome

    minecraft story modeifed your character

    Your probably really tired of this, but just this one. please https://www.mediafire.com/file/2amqpler5fd4sml/IMG_8620.PNG thanks!!!
  12. DrAwesome

    My First Animation

    OK for anyone trying to me to put it on YouTube TA-DA
  13. DrAwesome

    My First Animation

    Sorry about the download, my YouTube is a bit shoddy at the moment, I'll try to fix it soon
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