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  1. Steampunk Skeleton's emporium terraformium! (Reborn) [REQUESTS]

    that sounds about right but no tower also i cant seem to upload your worlds into mine-imator any ideas why
  2. Hey Creeper


  3. The Titan warrior [Warning : HUGE!!]

    Two Words (and a picture)
  4. Steampunk Skeleton's emporium terraformium! (Reborn) [REQUESTS]

    If your doing requests could make like a lava and fire place kinda like mordor from the lord of the rings THX :3
  5. "It is Time" - Horror Short (Halloween Special Short)

    Awesome animation
  6. Rigging mods!

    Basing it off the pic you had, could you please create like advanced technology looking things, I'm trying to create a lab and I suck at rigging, if you could I would be extremely grateful thx
  7. minecraft story modeifed your character

    Your probably really tired of this, but just this one. please https://www.mediafire.com/file/2amqpler5fd4sml/IMG_8620.PNG thanks!!!
  8. My First Animation

    OK for anyone trying to me to put it on YouTube TA-DA
  9. My First Animation

    Sorry about the download, my YouTube is a bit shoddy at the moment, I'll try to fix it soon
  10. Cute Slime Tower

    Ok fair enough it isn't exactly cute, It was a rushed job and I didn't pay great attention to detail
  11. My First Animation

    this is my first animation, I'm hoping to make it into a series with more characters Any advice or input from any one would be great http://www.mediafire.com/file/muhu55m9k1rdokx/Element1-Ice.rar
  12. Cute Slime Tower

    This is My first ever post on mine-imator forums, just a simple background Nothing Special
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