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  1. Out of my five core classes, social studies seems the most useless to me

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    2. BOOMmaker


      @MikTRF Is correct on his point. "The real world" argument is absurd. People use it all the time, and it's just silly. Knowing our history isn't immediately of practical use, but having a knowledge of what has come before us, what has led to our current state, is absolutely essential. We have to learn from our past: what worked, what didn't, and why. If it's ignored, we'll repeat the same mistakes over and over, or forget what successes we had. Plus, you can't have the other subjects without history. All subjects have a basis in history, as they were all formed in the past. Knowing the origin of whatever subject is at hand and how it developed over the years is often very helpful in understanding it more fully. And as for learning about the history and culture of other nations, it may not be helpful in everyday life, but it allows us to understand other cultures and ways of life, how to relate to them and even integrate some aspects of them into our own lives. History/social science may not seem that useful at first glance, but it really is at the core of any progress in a given field.

      EDIT: The text looks weird because I changed the organization of my sentences around with copy and paste. I'm on my phone, so I can't fix it. :P

    3. DuallyElemental


      I get the whole understanding people’s backgrounds, but I want to have to go in depth about the toilet industry, you know what I mean? Like, they should teach us those but filter out some of the smaller topics compared to the curriculum. I know maybe yours doesn’t have things like that but mine does 

    4. BOOMmaker


      Ah, okay. Yeah, learning about stuff like that could be frustrating. I was homeschooled, so after freshman year of highschool I got to pick what I learned about (still had to do Math though).

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