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  1. i will write and maybe can be i will write your ideas,thanks for giving ur idea also the light in the back is just GLOWING: ON And Brightness
  2. Soooo i make new wallpaper againi dont have any idea again so you guys can give me Idea / Theme for next Renderbut first here ya go Credit: Guitar by: @CoLahaust
  3. Soooo i make new wallpaper again i dont have any idea again so you guys can give me Idea / Theme for next Render but first here ya go Fanart For: @Shadow 982 Credits to: @Hozq for Books Rig @Shadow 982 for Original model remake by me @Maybe0ne For Skull and Pumpkin @Frost for Old wooden furniture Made By:
  4. Soooooooooo i make new wallpaper again this is simple style actually no everedit i guess here ya go Credit To: @Nicolasev For Teddy Bear rig @tditdatdwt For Briefcase rig Made By:
  5. yoo so i make new wallpaper again This is commission,hope you guys like it Credit to: @Hozq for Upgraded Blocks rig Why i cant mention him Created By:
  6. so.... i make new wallpaper again from left to right @Mikoryu > @Aspect30s > @ItsAlz Creation Created by:
  7. my grandfather is ecchi,yesnt @MihalYK? idk where my mum so NO
  8. aww thanks :3 I think newbies only want to use a camera effect so that the render they get is cooler and no overedit yea i have the speedart of this render and the map is very tiny i dont like the lighting because the position of the lighting direction I put it wrong thank you
  9. So i make new wallpaper again,i have trade with some people cuz i need intro [Idk for what] but here ya go idk why but i dont like the lighting. Created by:
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