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  1. What kind of song for a Minecraft Multi Animator Project?.?

    Thanks, for the song and the encouragement.
  2. What kind of song for a Minecraft Multi Animator Project?.?

    Thanks but a lot of people seem to be misinterpreting my post I'm not asking people to join a collab I'm not for sure doing anything at all I'm simply asking if I were to create one, what be a good idea.
  3. My first day of Mine-Imator went very well

    One of the best things about Mineimator is it is very intuitive, as far as animation programs go at least. Also Welcome to the forums! I can't wait to see what kind of things you end up creating!
  4. Some things never get to see the light of day..

    Minecraft: The Three Evils Prologue (Canceled)

  5. new test

    Some Simple Stuff Give the arms a little more bend when they move and less sway, I mean unless your going for an actual gameplay look. If the lamp you placed is supposed to appear as if it is illuminating from the torch, place it above it. I can't really tell where it is so if it is already my bad, it doesn't appear to be. If when the axe flies to your hand, it's parented to your arm, I don't know why it flies past so oddly. It appears as if its supposed to stop in your hand. If it's not parented in that section, and you just did it later on, try this. Make a duplicate of the axe you placed in the quartz, make one parented to the arm and the other not. At first the one parented to the arm should be invisible, with another in the block that is visible. When it begins to fly toward your hand, make the one that is parented visible and let it carry through it's animation, while at the same time make the other invisible. It should just appear that its one axe in the final if you do this right. There might be a better way to do this but its the best way I know how. Adjust some keyframes here and there too. Extra Tips A good way to not make your animations looks stiff is to either play around with the keyframe transitions until you find something good, or you can take a note out of my book. Like when you are turning, stop it a little sooner, then make another keyframe that finishes it, but is slowed down. If done properly it can kind of create a "buffer" to help smooth movement, and also makes animation look more fluid. Happy Animating! - Scar

    Ok a few reasons: But first like many others before I have stated no As cool as the idea may seem there are some honest problems with this. 1) Controlling on a phone would be a nightmare 2) Porting to another platform is not simple. It basically requires a complete rewrite of the code 3) It even takes a decent computer to be able to do things like animate, most phones would not be powerful enough to run such a program.
  7. Honestly, if this does become a feature, why not instead go a big step further and design a simple to use (in mine-imator fashion :P) compositor.
  8. What kind of song for a Minecraft Multi Animator Project?.?

    Because while I am a lyricist I do not know how to compose music, nor play it myself. Among other reasons
  9. What kind of song for a Minecraft Multi Animator Project?.?

    Or you can use public domain music. And I have permission from Aviators to use his music
  10. What kind of song for a Minecraft Multi Animator Project?.?

    Just because I'm new to the forum's doesn't mean I cant make threads?. I was just asking for community suggestions.
  11. If I were to host a Minecraft M.A.P. (Multi Animator Project), what kind of song would most people be ok with? If it were me it'd be some upbeat rock music (likely Aviators), but what other kind of songs would people wanna participate in if I made one. For anyone who doesn't know, a Multi Animator Project is when a song is divided up into short 10-20 second bits, a bunch of animators pick a segment, animate to that part of the song, then they all get strand together into one video. Its like a massive collaboration, they are very popular amoung 2D animators. And Yes I am actually thinking of potentially doing one, so your suggestions will mean something. Also if you actually would care about joining one it'd be nice to know :S.
  12. Remember when mine-imator was crappy?

    Lol yea I remember, I never updated mine for quite a while so It looked that way for a loonng time
  13. Hamzawy Backflip GIF

    Someone asked for it, So I made it happen.


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    2. EthanForeverAlone


      ...Well first of all, the stupid zooming in and out, what is even the point of that? Second of all, it looks like none of the body parts even move much and it just looks like he spins.

    3. ScarClaw72


      That's likely the angle and movement of the camera.  This flip is actually reused from the one I used here.

      And the camera follows in sync with him, if it looks off that is likely the case.  The point of it was so that the camera would come to a stop in the same position as where is started, allowing the loop to be seamless.  And the reason the camera is where it is, is because the requester wanted his face visible. 

      Also that is pointing out problems, not suggesting ways to improve ;P

    4. CatOnCaffeine


      I'd say pointing out problems helps you improve, not everything has to be served on a silver platter. Just pointers like the awkward camerawork lets you know not to do so in the future which would be an improvement.

  14. Introduce yourself!

    My name is ScarClaw72! Or TheLastWarrior! I started animating in December of 2014 using mine-imator. When I made my first animation I had only figured out how to move people and scale then XD. I learned progressively, and in 2016 ultimately moved over to Blender. I still like seeing a lot of new people take the first steps like I did and those who are dedicated to mineimator and that is why I am here
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