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  1. I can use block bench to create models Is this program better thanit and easier or not
  2. munny

    mod mobs import

    your answers always the best, i use this idea in most of the think and the other things i rig them easy with block bench but you helped me in the hard things
  3. munny

    mod mobs import

    OK, but how minecraft know the shape of the mobs,i think if minecraft know the shape so there is a thing we could do to make mine imator know the shape of the mobs
  4. munny

    mod mobs import

    I want to import a models that are for mod but how to do it i can't find models in the mod when extract it i just found texture
  5. munny

    How to make animated resource packs in sceneries?

    yes this done to me too , but if u want to use resource pack for the world and another one for the water u just have to use minecraft editor and edit your world do a copy without water and another one with water only , and import them to mine imator , then bend water to world , then use for the world normal texture and for the water the texture u want or a block sheet u still able to import block sheet in resources in mine-imator
  6. munny

    sound effects

    Sorry for my bad English But i just have 15 years old and English is not my language so i think it's not a big problem
  7. munny

    sound effects

    yes i know i am not noob i mean that it will be a good idea if a file that include all minecraft sounds add to mine-imator , but we download them from internet and this take alout of time in search for what we want , it's not really hard to collect all minecraft sound and just put them in folder and add them from it , but if it added to the program to choose from them as when we choose from blocks or items it will be a good idea , but i think this hard or maybe not
  8. munny

    sound effects

    it will be a good idea to add sound as walk on grass or breaking glass to mine-imator it will be a good idea but hard
  9. munny

    Use Second monitor as An camera view

    i need to ask a thing that not belong to the topic , how to use a project that created with the latest version of mine-imator on mine-imator(comunity build) because mine imator don't have a bloom effect
  10. munny

    I can use shader?

    I think that it might happen nimi say that graphics will improved in update 1.1.3 so how to will be if the shaders in MI won't improved and shaders in games that created with game maker studio is good somine-imator could get as this good shaders
  11. munny

    mode editor and world importer

    could u just say what u want
  12. munny

    mode editor and world importer

    Your answer is highly convincing i think u are true but i still think world importer must improved
  13. munny

    mode editor and world importer

    i know that mine-imator come with world importer but it's bad , i wnat to import a world.obj not a world.schematic really it seam it you hadn't work on blender any time u can create animations with blender that let is be between minecraft and realistic but blender take alout of time to render about 13 second in every fram and i just mean that i see things that created with game maker (that mine-imator create with) are realistic and better in particles that we can do with mine-imator so if a something as mode editor in blender added to mine-imator it will allow us to create a realistic things as water that game maker already can do if u don't understand me just try to see what game maker can do
  14. munny


    You can create it in blockbench it's easy but the first idea more easier but if you create it with blockbench you will be able to do some functions for the trianguler prism
  15. Hi mine imtor is a excellent program but it's graphics must improve if in a new version of mineimator could add mode editor as blender it well be a perfect idea to make animations realistic Import a world as just one thing make work realy hard and i have to use minecraft editor or reedit a block sheet to make things as glowstone or water different from the other things in the world so if a thing as mine ways could be add instead of this world importer it will be a good idea I had try to import a world from mine ways to mine imator but i failed because mine ways export the world by a language that mineimator can't read i think. I don't know any thing about game maker but could we make mine imator read mine ways language it will be a good idea if it possible,And it won't just be helpful for import a world from mine ways it will be helpful for alout of things because a lot of things that i import to blender have the same mineways extension
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