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  1. Ghatos

    PC Set-up

    Is the stand sold separately?
  2. Seems like soundsdotzip don't like transformations or furries
  3. Ghatos

    MineRig's Sedan Rig.

    It's fine, everyone can make car rigs! Minerig I swear if you try to overtake me on car rig, I'm gonna commit mysterious disparition on you
  4. how... How you did it? also, MI 2.0 is not out yet
  5. New profile pic lmao


  6. For the first problem, that's because mine imator (or modelbench when you export the model, I dunno) use the same texture for ALL parts, so if you placed cubes with a different texture, well they won't have this different texture but the first one instead, and that create this mess: cubes that have the whole first texture applied on all their faces (I hope you understand what I mean). You need to make a .miobject file from the .mimodel file, where you change the messed up textures to the one you actually want (import your model in MI, change the messed up textures, and save your model). Also, I don't know if you can change that after creating a modelbench project or not, but try to tick on the option "skin" (so you can change the texture in MI) And for the second glitch, I have no idea
  7. Yeah, you can create particles and edit them.

    I've discovered something on the forum: when you clic on someone cover pic, this happens:


    1. 9redwoods


      Everyone knows this loL

    2. Ghatos


      Not everyone, there must be others user who ignored that, right?

      please tell me I'm not the only one who ignored you could do that ;-;

    3. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      You might be one of the few people who ignored this.

  9. Yeah, what I mean is that giving a negative value to the bend won't bend the leg, and my brain did something like negative=backwars But yeah, when we think about it, the leg can't bend foward but can bend backward
  10. I think I know the problem... Does the leg bend have a negative value on some frames? if you did, then replace theses values by 0. Legs can't bend backwars, so when the value goes under 0, the leg stays at an angle of 0, even if you gave a negative value. If you did not, then I have no idea EDIT: well, that's what he did
  11. It's finally out, the Slamacow sicc dance! Here's a video too: The list of the people who appear on the video: Okay, now how to use it? (warning: it's a little bit tricky) 1) set the position of the character at x=0, y=0 and z=0 2) parent it to a folder (optional but allows you to move the character while he's moving) 3) select the character (and not the folder) 4) import the keyframes
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