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  1. At first I thought it was just an image of the minecraft logo, but you actually made it in modelbench, good job!
  2. New cover picture to celebrate Minecraft anniversary!

    I know, the resolution is low af but the size limit was 4,88 Mo, so I don't have the choice 😕

  3. Minecraft is 10 years old... Even though I've started playing it around 2012, it gives me so much nostalgia :') To celebrate that, here's a wallpaper I've made that shows the evolution of minecraft: What do you think?
  4. Ghatos

    need a bed model

    You should say "I would like a realistic blanket bed, could someone make this for me?" I know, it means the same thing but at least it sounds more english, because you speaked like Yoda XD But let's get to your request: you want something like that? With or without textures? and also you want to have minecraft style (with cubic cushions) or full realism?
  5. Ghatos

    DooM / Retro Imp Rig

    Croissant cuz bronze said quack and he's a bird so I say a french word cuz I'm french
  6. I guess you used the pointlight to make fake light bouncing, but you should reduce his range and maybe make the light fade higher
  7. Fixed, thanks for telling me that Guess I won't reply to status updates then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. That's my request: being able to choose to get a notification or not! Yes, because the previous title wasn't precise enough
  9. That's what I said: "It should be like posts: you choose to recieve notifications or not."
  10. When you reply (or even react) to a status update, you automatically recieve a notification everytime someone replies. You can't change that in the notifications settings and it's super annoying! >_< It should be like posts: you choose to recieve notifications or not. Please someone who still have contact with David, please ask him to change that. I'm not the only one who complained about that.
  11. I think he putted three textures: - One blue surface at the bottom - One white powder-like texture on the middle (and affected by wind) that kinda looks like this: - And the same texture but in blue on top (also affected by wind)
  12. My nose is annoying me so much -_-

    It's clogged, but I can't blow my nose because of how much it's clogged.

    And when I use a spray for unclogging it, I blow my nose and surprise: litteraly nothing came out and my nose get clogged 3 sec later

    1. crustyjpeg


      yeesh, my nose suffers this kind of stuff a lot too

    2. Bronze


      damn virus, im calling an advocat

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