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  1. hamdan ihsan

    Illager Dictator

    reminds me of adolf hitler can i add fingers on it?
  2. hamdan ihsan

    500 reputation banner

    looks nice
  3. hamdan ihsan

    Terraria weapon pack V1

    looks like a good idea
  4. hamdan ihsan

    Terraria weapon pack V1

    terraria? i know that game
  5. hamdan ihsan


    i thought it was naginata cruiser from red alert 3
  6. I need a Schematic

    i allows Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Futuristic buildings

    i need it for my city

    1. Swift


      You need to give more info.

  7. hamdan ihsan

    Pixel Gun 3D Rig

    Where's the gun? like Laser Minigun
  8. hamdan ihsan

    [MI 1.1.4+]Nether Slayer [DOOM][Rig]

    wow dude, rip and tear!
  9. hamdan ihsan

    Bendy Items Pack

    this shotgun
  10. hamdan ihsan

    Bendy Items Pack

    armsel striker?
  11. hamdan ihsan

    Black Fox Girl

    is that @Hoyuchen's OC 'kitsune'? ('grimlock' is 'hoyuchen' in this forum)
  12. hamdan ihsan

    the best animation of 2018 won 18 oscars

    is that my OC 'Rachyl'? why ya don't give me a credit
  13. hamdan ihsan

    17 August Independence Day (2k)

    Hey, that's pretty good!
  14. hamdan ihsan

    Batworld art 1

    hello batman1014 i like your world but mine might be older than yours (mine is created in 2008) i know you don't know me, i made this message because i am scared when you calls me 'copier'
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